Cuttputlli Movie Review: This crime-thriller of Akshay Kumar will keep you hooked, Sargun Mehta is – a little more fun

Cuttputlli Movie Review Today in Hindi: Akshay Kumar, Rakulpreet Singh and Sargun Mehta starrer film ‘Katputli’ has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Akshay Kumar is seen returning once again after a long time in this crime mystery thriller. The comeback is because this year has proved to be cold for Akshay, who is called ‘Hit Machine’. But this fourth offer of Akshay will prove to be a good gift for the fans who are disappointed after his three cold films. Akshay’s dialogue in this film is, ‘The story will end there, neither before nor after it.’ This film has also been made in the same style, which has not changed the name of ‘Forced Creativity’ from the original story. However, the atmosphere has definitely been prepared according to the Hindi audience.

This is the story of Kasauli where only petty thefts happen in the name of crime. But suddenly a girl is missing in this city and after 2 days her body is found. The police initially think it is just a case of kidnapping, but then they realize that a serial killer has arrived in this city and they work to make them realize that the police force has left the passion to make a film on the story of the psychopath crime thriller film. Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar) was recruited. Now you have to watch the film to know whether Arjan can solve this case using his old knowledge or not.

Before talking about this film, it is very important to mention that ‘Katputli’ is an adaptation of South’s film ‘Ratansan’. This is necessary because ‘Ratansan’ has been a huge hit and has a fanbase of its own. In such a situation, if the ‘puppet’ loosens a bit, then the audience will immediately declare it as a ‘fail’. But this film of ‘Pooja Entertainment’ has tried its best to save its essence as a crime thriller. Comparisons of the film are bound to happen but this film of Akshay Kumar is fully capable of keeping you hooked on your seats. With a fun combination of content and style, the film starts off in a light-hearted manner in the beginning, but slowly the story picks up its pace. Akshay Kumar could not impress the audience much with his three films released this year and ‘Puppet’ is his new effort which the audience will definitely like. This film is an adaptation of ‘Ratansan’ but the director has tried to change the climax to some extent.

Rakul Preet Singh has appeared in this film with Akshay.

Talking about acting, Akshay Kumar impresses with his style. At the same time, Rakul Preet Singh has been seen doing value in the film. The chemistry of both has been fun. But if anyone impresses you even after having fewer scenes, then it is Sargun Mehta. That is not the famous line of an advertisement, ‘Thode mein more ka fun’, Sargun has done the same thing in this film. Whatever scene Sargun has been on screen, she has been awesome. Chandrachud Singh has also been seen on the screen after a long time, so it has been good. But I am quite disappointed with the way comedian-actor Guggi has been ‘ruined’ in this film.

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Rakul Preet Singh has appeared in this film with Akshay.

Screenplay is good and engaging too. With this film of director Ranjit M Tiwari, you go on connecting with the story from the very beginning. Akshay Kumar is working with Ranjith for the second time. Earlier both of them worked together in the film ‘Bellbottom’. This year Akshay’s presence on screen has been quite cool but ‘Puppet’ will make his disappointed fans very happy. On the other hand, Sargum Mehta’s funny performance makes this film a Must Watch film. 4 stars to this movie from my side. (For the slightly but effective role of half-star Sargun Mehta).

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