Delhi NCR Best Markets: If you want to do shopping, then these markets of Delhi-NCR are the best, everything will be available at a reasonable price

New Delhi. If you are fond of shopping and you Delhi-NCR If there is no information about the special markets of (Delhi-NCR), then today we are going to tell you about all these. These markets You can enjoy shopping as per your wish in cheap and reasonable prices.

The good thing is that today we are going to introduce you to the special markets of Delhi-NCR, all of them also have Metro connectivity, where they can be easily reached. In these markets, even those people who do not have much income can easily buy good and cheap goods as per their wish. Come, let’s take you to some special markets today and make you aware of the stuff for which she is always in the news…

Today we inform you about 5 special markets of Delhi, which include Janpath of Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk of Old Delhi, Paharganj of New Delhi, Dariban Kalan of Old Delhi and Atta Market of Noida. All these markets have created a distinct identity for the buyers of Delhi-NCR. On which days it is open for shopping and on which days it is closed, what items can you find here? Going to give detailed information about all this…

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Come, first of all let’s talk about the ‘Janpath Market’ of ‘Connaught Place’ which is called the heart of Delhi. This market has created a different and unique identity in itself. This market is considered very special for the purchase of ‘handicraft’ ie handicraft items. In this market located on Janpath Road, you can buy handicraft items especially decorative items as well as earthen lamps, attractive lights, beautiful lamps. Also, during winters, you can buy woolen clothes, artificial jewellery, all kinds of bags, ladies purses, carry bags and other types of jute goods. This market is also very popular for jute bags. But don’t come to this market for shopping on Sundays. This market remains closed on this day. You can reach this market by getting down from Janpath metro station.

Come, now let’s talk about ‘Chandni Chowk’, which is called the second heart of Delhi. This market may be called the market of Old Delhi, but the availability of all new and old fashioned things will be available here. This market is very famous for clothes, jewelry, fancy lighting, candles, watch items as well as catering. This market has also been recognized as a colorful market. Especially at night when you go to this market drenched in lighting, it looks very beautiful.

There are many such markets in Chandni Chowk, especially the cloth market, which is known for children’s clothes, lehenga chunni, salwar suit clothes, safari suits, wholesale clothes. Along with this, there is also a bullion market which is very famous for jewellery. In view of the festivals, the beauty and hustle and bustle of this market is created by seeing it. Usually, a large number of people visit this market. From the point of view of security too, a special eye is kept on it. This market is also kept closed on Sundays of the week. Take special care of this day before going for shopping in this market. To reach this market, metro passengers will have to get down at Chandni Chowk metro station.

Come, now let’s talk about the market of ‘Paharganj’ area of ​​New Delhi. Now you must be thinking that you have not heard much about this market. But let us tell you that this market is considered special for its many items. Here leather related products and silver items will be found very cheap and not burdensome on the pocket. Here women will get bracelets, mojari, amazing collection and leather bags etc. apart from earrings of their choice. If you come by metro to do shopping in this market, then the best option would be Ramkrishna Ashram Marg metro station. After walking a few steps, you will enter the market. The special thing is that you can reach this market for shopping seven days a week.

Now we tell you the specialty of ‘Atta Market’ adjacent to Delhi. This market is considered more special for shopping during festivals. There are many branded showrooms in this market. Along with this, all the varieties of woolen will also be available very cheap here. It is known as a very special market for the people living in the surrounding areas and sectors during festivals. Along with festivals, one can usually see a huge crowd of people here. One of the major reasons for this is that while taking the goods from the shopkeepers, you can also negotiate with them accordingly. Do not go shopping in this market on Wednesday. It is kept closed on this day of the week. You can travel to this market by metro train and get down at Noida Sector 18 and 16.

Talking about Chandni Chowk, it also has a sub-market which has maintained its own special identity. When you go to Chandni Chowk, do not forget to do some shopping in ‘Dariba Kalan’ market. Not only is this market special for shopping, it also has its own historical identity. Here you will see many shops which are 100 years old. A lot of silver jewelery will be found in this market adjacent to Jama Masjid. People come to this market especially on the occasion of Diwali and Dhanteras to buy silver coins and jewellery. The ‘Paranthewali Gali’ and ‘Jalebi Wala’ shops of this area are also very famous. ‘Chandni Chowk Metro Station’ is the best to reach this market. This market also remains closed on Sundays.

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