Detail Review: After the postmortem, the need for sewing the body was not considered in ‘Kadavar’

Detail Review: Imagine, postmortem is being done. The body is on the operating table. The forensic doctor has left the body unstitched after making an incision, examining all the internal organs. Everything in that dead body is dismembered and the parts are scattered. It is scary to imagine this gruesome scene, it hurts because the work was not completed. The same feeling comes to your mind when you watch the film ‘Kadavar’ directed by Anoop Panikkar, because what could have been a good film has been made in such a strange way and left midway. From the beginning, it seems that you will be disappointed with the film, then the story picks up a bit, then it seems that the investigation will be fun now, and then by half the film, the audience also understands where this story will stop. .

Seeing so many domestic and foreign films, even the audience has become wiser that they predict the story. Kadavar could have turned out to be a good murder mystery, but in the process of entering the formula, the film compromised on its own merits. The script of the film must have been good, but the film that has been made does not make any kind of emotional bond, so whether someone lives or dies, the film ends in what condition we have.

Any forensic doctor or detective, like Benedict Commerbatch, the lead actor of the BBC series Sherlock, is very quick to find clues that ordinary investigators often leave behind. Doctor Bhadra (Amala Paul) has also been given a similar character but she behaves like a normal investigator most of the time. The city’s Assistant Commissioner of Police Vishal (Harish Uthman) engages forensic doctor Bhadra in an attempt to solve a murder mystery.

In the investigation, it is revealed that somewhere a convicted criminal Vetri (Arun Adit) is behind this. Vetri kills another man, despite being in jail. Both the police and Bhadra are engaged to find out who is helping Vetri and the layers of mystery are uncovered one by one. Here comes the biggest twist in the story. The entire film has been composed to bring this twist. Barring this twist, the entire film is almost predictable. The screenplay is by Abhilash Pillai who had earlier written the film Night Drive. Even in the night drive, there was little less than the whole entertainment. The same thing is also in Kadavar.

Amala Paul is also the producer of the film and also the lead actress, so full focus has been placed on her, which seems a bit unreasonable in such suspense films. In search of who did the murder, many such people are suspected who can be the murderer, this part is very small in this murder mystery. Very soon it is understood that the murderer is a knowledgeable person who has knowledge of forensics. Amla is a good actress but she is not the best. Somewhere there are traces of anger on his face, which is enough to end the mystery.

Carrying such a long film alone is a difficult task, but Amala has not allowed this to be revealed. Arun Aditne has done a wonderful job in all the scenes inside the jail. His acting ability has been properly used in these scenes. In the climax scene of the film, he gets a new purpose of life, so how can he not stop himself, this scene touches the heart. In the character of Kali, Vinod Sagar’s eyes are filled with compassion and dread. Vinod had earlier appeared in Nayattu and Janaganman. Looks like they should get more work. Harish Uthman’s work is also good, but there is a bit of filmy flair in his character and he is prickly in such a film.

This is the first film of director Anoop Panikar, so he has brought Abhilash Pillai’s script which is as it is on the screen, which is not only difficult but also commendable. If Anoop possibly keeps making films of this genre, then his work will become more mature. The background music is perfect, fits every scene and nowhere is it too loud to sting. The music of Ranjin Raj cannot be ignored as he has also been successful in giving a more mysterious color to the scene. Production designer Sartaj Saifi has to be praised the most because he has made almost every scene of the mortuary alive. In the scenes of the second part of the film, the mortuary also starts looking dangerous. The mistakes that are made in the film reduce the fun.

The film is almost predictable. Now the audience already knows that if there is a mystery film, then that person will be the murderer on whom there will be least scope for doubt. There are some factual errors in the post mortem scenes which could have been prevented. In some part of this film, there is fun of murder mystery but everything else becomes boring. Every person’s backstory is intertwined and here the writer makes a mistake. The reason for the murder in the mind of the murderer is explained very lightly. So it seems that the post mortem was done but the body has not been re-stitched due to which everything is torn apart. Still the film is worth watching. Expectations have to be kept a little low.

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