Detail Review: ‘Duranga’ is a great adaptation of Korean series ‘Flower of Evil’

Detail Review: Recently a great web series has been released on ZEE5 – ‘Duranga’. Although it is an Indian adaptation of a successful Korean drama “Flower of Evil”, writer Charudutt Acharya and directors Pradeep Sarkar and Aijaz Khan have Indianized it in such a delicate and sensitive way that it does not seem that it is an adaptation. Seeing this series, watching the original series clearly shows how successful the team work of an intelligent writer, excellent director and creatively knowledgeable producer (Goldie Behl) is.

Not only has special effort been made on the background of the characters, but the events in the series have also been decorated in the Indian setting so that it becomes a perfect adaptation, not a copy. Duranga is a must-watch web series and will surely be loved by the fans of psychological thrillers. Ira Jaykar Patel (Drishti Dhami) is a police officer who is investigating a murder case where she comes across some evidence that links it to a 17-year-old serial murder case. During the investigation itself, another murder takes place on the same lines. A journalist Vikas Sarode (Abhijit Khandkekar) has created a video blog on the old serial murder case, so he is called. As the evidence goes on, the needle of suspicion turns towards Ira’s husband Samit Patel (Gulshan Devaiah).

Is Samit really what he appears or is he someone who is associated with old serial murders and new murders? Does journalist Vikas have any connection with these murders? Do Samit’s parents Rajesh Khattar and Divya Seth have any connection with the case? Or is there a third person who is the real player of this whole game and he never comes under the suspicion of the police? In this series with a good pace and amazing script of 9 episodes, an attempt has been made to bring out the reality of this entire episode. The series has come to a standstill where the audience has understood a lot but the reason for the murder is simply not understood. Its season 2 will come soon but the first season has ended leaving some unanswered questions.

This series is named after the author Charudatta Acharya. Charudutt has been active in Hindi films as a screenwriter for many years, but in the last few years his identity has started to be recognized. Charudutt, who reacted to contemporary topics, also wrote a web series “Aranyak” starring Raveena Tandon. Charudutt was also the director of Sonali Cable, a failed but entertaining film by Rhea Chakraborty. He first assimilated this Korean web series and then Indianized the original story layer by layer.

The background of the village has been carefully threaded into the story of the city. No one character is given priority. Everyone has been created to take the story forward with their own part. There are no big or important scenes between Abhishek Bane and his father Bala Bane (Zakir Khan), yet his father’s influence on Abhishek Bane’s personality is visible throughout the series. The entire personality of Abhishek’s sister Prachi (Barkha Sengupta) is shown in a single scene, in a single dialogue. If the writer is excellent, then such an effect continues to be seen.

The initial few episodes have been directed by Pradeep Sarkar. This is the formula for television. To make a television serial popular from the beginning, the initial episodes are directed by an experienced and successful director and when the serial becomes successful, the remaining episodes are made by any director. However, in this web series it is never seen that this episode is directed by Pradeep and this one by Aijaz Khan. There are two reasons for this. Aijaz Khan is a seasoned director and, like Pradeep Sarkar, is a well-known name in ad films. The second Aijaz belongs to a family where Ismat Chughtai, cinematographers Nariman Irani and Anwar Siraj are his relatives and Aijaz’s father has also worked as an assistant to director Mehboob Khan in the legendary film Mother India. Aijaz’s films The White Elephant, Banke Ki Crazy Baaraat and Hamid were well received by the audience and film festivals.

It is important to discuss acting because Gulshan is the perfect cast in this web series. Gulshan sometimes appears like a psychopath and his fake laugh is also very mysterious and dangerous. His acting range will also be seen in this series. From his relationship with his daughter to when he tells his sister that he doesn’t love his wife, he seems very reliable. I have seen Drishti on screen after a very long time. Last year, in the web series The Empire, released on Disney + Hotstar, she appeared in the role of Khanzada Begum, the elder sister of Mughal emperor Babar. His work in this series seems relatively less but the most emotional graph is in his character.

Due to doubting her husband, the ups and downs of her life are visible on her face. Zakir Khan does not have a single dialogue in his parts but he has dominated the series. Abhijit Khandkekar is very popular in Marathi serials and became very famous for his role of Gurunath Shubhakar in the serial “Majya Navalya Chi Baiko”. His role is important but he tends to overact a bit, probably because of the habit of television serials. Rest of the actors like Rajesh Khattar, Divya Seth, Barkha Sengupta, Nivedita Ashok Saraf etc. have small roles. There is also Amit Sadh as a surprise who will probably be seen playing a big role in the next season.

Duranga means a person who is living a double life. Those who like psychological thrillers will definitely like this. This series should be watched because when it seems that the case is resolved, then the matter becomes more complicated and the audience wants to solve the case as soon as possible. This rarely happens in Indian web series.

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