Detail Review: If you have the courage to face the bitterness of truth, then definitely watch ‘Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the Ashes’

Detail Review ‘Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the ashes’: It is said that if you keep yourself physically healthy, exercise daily, play some sport and keep meeting people, then your chances of getting depression are negligible, but in the last few years many players have told that Mental health has nothing to do with sports. Mental health is still not taken seriously in India. In the year 2014, India’s cricket team went to England. Young Virat Kohli remembers this tour very badly. Every ball that went out of the stumps used to take the wicket of Virat Kohli. Virat flopped badly throughout the tour.

It is important for those who play cricket to play well in England. Virat was in the grip of horrific despair after this tour. Nor could he get his performance right and he started doubting his being a cricketer. A talented player cannot tolerate defeat. In the last few years, Virat is again struggling with his mental condition. Whatever be the reason, it has been almost 3 years since Virat has scored a century at the international level. Virat’s batting average in T20, One Day and Test cricket is not that of big stars.

Virat is counted among the most successful captains of India in all three formats. The politics of politics went such that the captaincy of T20 and then One Day was taken from him. He himself walked away from the Test captaincy. Politics had an effect on his game. In 2022, he was able to get his form back by going to the month of August. The century is still away from him. After 70 international hundreds, Virat’s bat yearned for a century. There is no doubt in his talent, his hard work, his skill, his preparation or his intentions, but only he has an idea of ​​the loss of mental power that has happened to him.

The documentary “Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the Ashes”, depicting the mental state of England’s finest cricketer Ben Stokes, who has a name similar to Virat Kohli’s beloved abuse, was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. Is. If you have the ability to face the bitterness of truth, then definitely watch this documentary. Such a spirit of winning the mind is the most important part of Ben Stokes’ life.

England cricketer Ben Stokes is such a name in the world of cricket today, as soon as he comes on the field, panic in the heart of the opposing team and thrill in the mind of the audience takes birth. Born in New Zealand, Ben’s father was a coach of the rugby team and mother was British. 12-year-old Ben moved to England when his father got the opportunity to coach a rugby team in England. In a small town like Cockermouth, Ben started learning and playing cricket. Ben’s talent soon took him from school cricket to club cricket and then soon to England’s national cricket.

While playing in cricket leagues around the world, Ben’s coin was frozen at the international level. In 2017, Ben was made the vice-captain of England and on the same day Ben’s friend Joe Root was made the captain of England. Ben took the England team to new heights with his batting, bowling and fielding around the world. Ben, who came from a small town, became a victim of fame one day.

In September 2017, outside a nightclub in the English city of Bristol, some men began taunting Ben’s two gay friends, which soon turned into a scuffle. Ben had also consumed alcohol, but Ben’s blood boiled due to the insults and beatings of his friends. He pushed the boys, the fight escalated and Ben punched one of the boys. The police arrived, Ben was arrested and the case came into the limelight at the international level. Ben was turned away from cricket. Ben was kept out of the England team for several months. When the verdict of the case came and Ben was also acquitted, but this whole incident had a very bad effect on Ben’s mind.

Ben and his family suffered a lot because of the media trial and Ben hated cricket. Ben’s friends, such as Stuart Broad or Joe Root, supported him greatly. Despite the hatred of cricket, Ben again threw himself for himself and England cricket knew his importance, so he was given a chance to represent England again and Ben proved his worth in every match after that. Of. Ben emerged as the biggest hero in the team that won the Cricket World Cup for England in 2019. After this Ben was going up the stairs of success that gave him another setback in his life.

Ben’s father suddenly found out that he had cancer and had to amputate his middle finger. Cancer is a disease that usually does not go away. Slowly the cancer spread again and Ben’s life was ready to be in turmoil again. Ben’s father died in December 2020. Ben had shifted to New Zealand for a month and a half with his parents to take care of his father. The shadow of his father, who made Ben the champion of cricket since childhood, did not stay on his head, Ben was deeply shocked.

Ben had to become the captain of the England cricket team in 2021 because almost the entire team members became victims of Kovid. A few months after taking over the captaincy, Ben became troubled by his mental health problem. He started having panic attacks, he started losing himself, got angry without talking, became irritable. Ben said that when you go to play cricket, stay alone in your hotel room, then you realize that you have no one of your own with you. You are alone. This loneliness began to haunt Ben and from July 2021, Ben announced a long leave from cricket.

Ben Stokes: The interview of Ben Stokes by Sam Mendes in the Phoenix from the Ashes documentary shows prominently that the higher one’s stature, the more lonely one feels. Ben has everything, talent, sports, fame, a lot of money from cricket and advertisements, a family too, but all these are not able to remove his loneliness. Ben has returned to play cricket. Ben is again showing charisma on the field, but Ben’s loneliness is now unable to overcome even his family and his friends. Mental health is a problem which is not accepted in India.

We are never ready to believe that there are ups and downs of life, surrounding environment, the behavior of people knowingly and unknowingly towards you, and many other things which affect your thinking and sometimes this effect is not for your good. . Lion child lion child, why does a boy cry as a boy, you should understand that you are a girl, boys are like that we never accept the truth because of rhetoric. Mental health is a serious problem. Ben Stokes: It becomes easier to understand by watching the documentary of Phoenix from the Ashes. Many players have fallen prey to it. We are all aware of the mental conditions of Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell, Japan’s tennis player Naomi Osaka. Those who say that they do not take everything with their heart, they will understand after seeing this documentary that it is not only about the heart, it is about the mind.

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