Detail Review: ‘Me Time’ comedy has some wisdom too

Detail Review: The cycle of time is strange. It is rare in India where after marriage, the woman runs the household expenses by doing a job and the husband is a house husband. In this situation, the roles of husband and wife change, but if a man is given training to handle power from childhood, then he starts to consider himself inferior and doubts his wife. He has no problem with his successful wife’s work, but he finds it small to handle the housework.

A strange panic settles inside him and he tries in his mind that if somehow any mistake of the wife is caught, then I should swoon over her. Anyway, few people understand this kind of relationship, it is a far cry to accept it. The recently released film “Me Time” on Netflix is ​​a quirky yet funny comedy that depicts the story of one such couple as well as the absurd demands of the house husband to give himself time.

Director Jon Hamburg has been trying his luck in Hollywood for a long time. He has also written the story of Me Time. He has written amazing comedy films like Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers and films directed by him like Along Came Poly and I Love You Man have been very successful. John has left some small but important messages in this film through the comedy between friends.

Kevin Hart is a house husband who takes care of his home and kids in the best possible way. His wife Regina Hall is a successful architect. At the children’s school, Kevin meets the children’s fathers and is shocked to see their lives. Kevin also wants to take some time off from family responsibilities and goes to a secluded area to celebrate the 44th birthday of an old friend, Mark Wahlberg. At first, Kevin gets very jealous seeing his friend’s lifestyle, but slowly he realizes the reality. Burning with his wife, Kevin hopes that his wife will have an affair with his boss, but when he comes face to face with reality, the ground under Kevin’s feet slips away.

There are a few reasons to watch Me Time – Kevin Hart’s performance. Although Kevin is also a singer, songwriter, producer and director, but his acting is very much liked due to his comic timing. Starting with small roles, Kevin is such a big star today that special shows of his stand-up comedy are shown on Netflix. Kevin seems comfortable as a father who loves children very much, and Kevin also presents comedy very easily, looking for reasons to be jealous of his wife’s success. His friend Mark Wahlberg is a wonderful actor. Mark started his career as a pop singer, but today he is remembered not only for the best comedy but also for many strong roles. Although Mark’s role is not that big, but his role as some carefree person is very funny.

Its cap for its expenses It is its own pleasure to see the character who heads his head in the end like a good and decent working person. Regina Hall’s character is very small but important in the story. The rest of the characters are small, fit in their place. Luiz Gerardo Mendez, a famous Mexican artist as Armando, appears as a fake motivational speaker and environmentalist, showing his affection for turtles.

Me Time could have been better but the good thing is that there is no fictional hacker except a couple of scenes in the film. A new experiment by Mark Wahlberg is to steal all the left-toe shoes out of Armando’s shoes. The film is short and everything is circumstantial, so don’t watch it diligently. Treat it as a complete comedy film and then enjoy. Anyway, sometimes watching such films is good for the mind.

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