Detail Review ‘Vikram’: Watch ‘Vikram’ if you want to learn direction from Lokesh Kanakraj

Detail Review ‘Vikram’: There is such a saying that Poot’s feet are seen in the cradle and something similar happened with the director of Tamil films, Lokesh Kanakraj. Graduation in Fashion Technology, then MBA after a job in a bank, one day Lokesh Kanakraj sends his short film “Achum Thaveer” to the Clubes Short Film Festival where he gets the title of Best Director, Best Film and Best Actor. Encouraged by the success, he sends his next short film “Customer Delight” to the All India Corporate Film Competition and again wins the title of Best Film.

There is a judge in this competition, Janab Karthik Subbaraj who is only three years older than Lokesh but his films like Pizza, Jigarthanda, Petta, Jagme Thandiram and Mahan tell their success stories in themselves. Karthik recognized Lokesh’s talent and advised him that he should now make a feature film. Lokesh started acting on this advice and directed a short film named “Kalam” in Karthik Subbaraj’s anthology film “Avial”.

It would take a while to change the luck but it doesn’t take long for the talent to come to the fore. In the same year, he presented a great film “Managaram”. The story of the film runs on several tracks simultaneously but ends at the center point. No name of any lead artist is mentioned in the film but the audience remains connected to each one. The film was successful. After this he directed the superhit film Prisoner. After this came his another superhit film “Master”. Now his latest film “Vikram” which has been released on Disney+ Hotstar after a box office hit is a masterpiece of his art of portraying complex stories in an entertaining manner. Vikram is the most successful Tamil film of this year.

Released on 3 June 2022 at the box office, Vikram had vowed to break many box office records, but it was released on Disney+ Hotstar before the theatrical release ended. The story is very simple but it has some such qualities which should be seen properly by those who are learning film direction. The plot has been conveyed to the audience through the events in the story, that is, with the help of a voice over or with the help of a facilitator, the essence of the story is not told in advance. Tributes have been given to many films and successful web series in the story, so that from the young audience to Kamal Haasan’s fans, everyone gets fully involved with this film.

In Indian films, very little work has been done on the operations of Black Ops or Secret Department, but in Vikram, Black Ops is shown very well. In 1986, Kamal Haasan did a film named “Vikram”. There were many special things in that film too. That film was also Dimple Kapadia’s first Tamil film. Kamal Haasan was also shown in the role of RAW Commander in the old Vikram and in this Vikram he is the head of the Black Ops team formed in 1987. The new Vikram, the old Vikram can be called a salute to director Lokesh Kanakraj.

Kamal Haasan is amazing in the film but the two actors who rocked the screen are Malayalam superstar Fahad and Tamil-Telugu-Malayalam film topper Vijay Sethupathi. It is wrong to say something about Kamal Haasan’s acting but what a wonderful effect the success of the film has made on Kamal’s life. In an interview after the film became a hit, Kamal said that he would get all his debts and eat good food with the amount he earns as a producer. Everyone knows that many of Kamal’s last films have been big budget super flops, just like Dev Anand in Hindi films.

Regarding Fahad, Kamal says that he does not know how he chooses the best script and no matter how small a role is in the film, he eats up the entire screen. Fahad’s acting talent cannot be explained better than this. Vijay Sethupathi is also amazing like Fahad. His screen presence seems dangerous. Even in this film, he never gives up, but in the end his gruesome face also gives up in front of the truth. Kamal under his mentor director K. Remembering Balachander, he says that it is not necessary to keep appearing on the screen in the film. It is important to present the film like a great meal that has got the potential of all the actors so that the stomach and mind of the watcher is filled.

Cinematography in the film has been done by talented and successful like Girish Gangadharan. Girish has shown his camera skills in amazing films like Jallikattu, Cold Case, Sarkar and Angamaly Diaries. In this film, Girish’s camera once again makes its presence felt in the action sequence and chase sequence. Philomin Raj (Managaram, Prisoner, Master), editor of all Lokesh’s films, has once again linked a very big story with his wonderful editing after Jai Bhim. The film has many tracks but it was an arduous task to bring all the co-series to the centerpiece of Vikram’s story, but the editor did not let the film get off track or become unwieldy for a moment.

The film is completely commercial but all the departments in the film are of competition of international level films. Action choreographer twin brothers Anbu and Arivu have shown the scale of action in this film, they can understand where the level of action has reached in South India. The arrival of Tamil superstar Suriya in the film gives a different direction to the film. The way in which the post climax shot of the film has been taken when Suriya arrives, it is clear that many sequels of this film will be made and Kamal himself has imagined Suriya in the third part of Vikram. The film also stars Arjun Das who was in Lokesh’s film Prisoner and Master. Although his role is small in this film, but it is guaranteed that he will get a big role in the sequels of the film.

In Vikram, a scene of a prisoner being taken in a police van has been shot and included in such a way that the audience will remember Lokesh’s old film “Prisoner”. Even in the climax of the film, the main character of the prisoner film Dilli (Karthi) is mentioned. Anyway, it is being said that Lokesh Cinematic Universe is also being formed like Marvel Cinematic Universe and all Lokesh’s films are being written in such a way that they look intertwined. The screenplay of Vikram has been written by Lokesh and his partner Ratna Kumar (Master).

Anirudh’s music is in the film and as always it is splendid. The first song is filmed on Kamal and it is also sung by Kamal. Suddenly I remembered Kamal Haasan’s films of the 80s and 90s. Watching 68-year-old Kamal dance, one remembers that Kamal had worked as an assistant choreographer for many years and acted in many films where his choreography was the basis of the film. Still, his spirit remains intact. There are two English songs “Wasted” and “Once Upon a Time”. Vikram’s High Energy title track is sung by Anirudh and Siddharth Mahadevan. In the Hindi version of the film, the song Ek Sher Ho Tum is in the voice of Zubin Nautiyal and what a wonderful song. The amazing thing is that two songs of this film have been written by Lokesh’s assistant Vishnu.

After a long time, there has been a film that is making a splash at the box office, but the audience is watching it even on OTT. This film has been made to compete with Hollywood films. All the films of Lokesh so far have been successful, the reason is that he does not forget his purpose of making the film i.e. entertainment, but he puts as many formulas in the film which the audience can bear. The grandeur of the film can be gauged by watching Kamal Haasan’s scene with a Russian machine gun with a butterfly trigger. South Indian directors are constantly presenting more than one film where there is a wonderful synergy of story and entertainment. Vikram is a wonderful thriller, watch it once again you will accept the directorial ability of Lokesh and if you have not seen it, then you will be inspired to watch his old films.

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