Diwali Burn First Aid & Care: What should be the first aid if you get burnt on Diwali? Learn safety tips from doctors


Toothpaste or turmeric should not be applied after burning with firecrackers.
Asthma patients should avoid pollution at all costs.

Diwali Burn First Aid & Care: A large number of people enjoy by bursting firecrackers on Diwali, but many times people get burnt due to firecrackers and they get wounds on their body. Many such cases come to the fore during the festival. Despite precautions, people become victims of these incidents due to some mistakes. Now the question arises that if someone gets burnt while bursting crackers on Diwali, what should be the first aid. What should a person do immediately after a burn so that the situation does not become serious? Today, we will know from the expert panel what people should do in case of burning with firecrackers or lamps. What precautions should be taken by asthma patients and children in case of excessive pollution on Diwali. Apart from this, you will also know how to take care of pet animals.

What is the first aid in case of burning with firecrackers?
of New Delhi Dr. Raman Sharma, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital According to this, if a person gets burnt by firecrackers, then the burnt area should be washed thoroughly with water. After this, any burning cream or antiseptic cream can be applied. After first aid, everyone should contact the doctor and get proper treatment so that there are no marks of burns. If someone burns excessively, then in such a condition the clothes of that person should be cut and separated and after washing the burnt area thoroughly and wrapping a clean sheet. After that you should be taken to the hospital immediately. Many times people’s hands or feet can be damaged due to firecrackers, so do not burst dangerous firecrackers.

See-hear doctor’s advice

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Do not use toothpaste and turmeric at all
Dr. Raman Sharma says that most people immediately apply toothpaste or turmeric on burns, but this should not be done at all. By doing this the burn area is not visible well and dirt also gets deposited there. Due to this there is a risk of increasing infection. Apart from this, people should wear fitting clothes on Diwali and should not wear loose clothes. Many times a lamp or candle in loose clothes catches fire and people do not even know. Care is necessary with the clothes.

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What precautions should asthma patients take on Diwali?
Dr. Bhagwan Mantri, Pulmonologist at Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi
According to this, before Diwali, asthma patients must consult with their doctor. Many times, due to excessive pollution, the medicines of such patients are changed so that their condition does not worsen. Asthma patients should stay indoors when there is pollution during Diwali and must wear a mask while going out. One should avoid going to places where there is more pollution and take your medicines on time. If there is any problem or asthma attack comes, then immediately contact the doctor and get treatment. All parents should also take special care of their children.

How to take care of Pet Animals?
Dr. Haravtar Singh of Harry Pets Clinic and Surgery Center, New Delhi
It is said that during Diwali, the sound of firecrackers causes a lot of upset stomach animals. Everyone should try not to burst crackers around these animals. Dog should be kept inside the house during Diwali. They should not be left alone, doing so will frighten the pets. Pets become victims of anxiety due to the loud sound of firecrackers, to avoid this, they should be kept hydrated. If there is any problem with the stomach, then the concerned doctor should be contacted. Apart from this, sweets should not be fed to the pets on Diwali, it can worsen their health. Everyone should keep this in mind.

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