Do Push-Ups Prevent Heart Attacks Around 40? Know what experts and research say


Push ups put pressure on most of the muscles of the body, therefore increasing their flexibility
It trains the heart in such a way that the heart can withstand any stress.

Push-ups prevent heart attack:Health experts are also worried about the way people are dying due to heart attack and cardiac arrest in the country and the world. The symptoms of heart attack are not very dangerous before, so people do not pay attention to it, but ignoring small symptoms suddenly becomes heavy one day. The concern has increased because nowadays the cases of death of people due to heart attack or cardiac arrest have increased in the age group of 30 to 40 years. In such a situation, health experts say that daily push-ups done at the age of 30 to 40 can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack.

Indian Express In the news, doctors say that push ups put pressure on most of the muscles of the body, so their flexibility increases and it becomes more effective in the function of the muscles. The biggest thing is that there is no need for a lot of gym equipment to do push-ups. This can easily be done at home as well. This strengthens many parts of the body. However, some caution is needed in this. Before applying push ups, do a tread mill test once so that it can be known that there are no negative changes in your heart during push ups. Make sure to monitor the heart beat during push ups. If more heart beat is increasing then consult a doctor.

benefits of push ups
The benefits of push ups have also been certified in a study by Harvard University. It was told how push ups prevent many diseases, cardiac arrest and stroke. In this study published in JAMA Network, the test was done on people involved in the fire brigade squad. The study found that a person who did 40 push-ups within 30 seconds had a significantly reduced risk of heart attack, heart failure and other types of cardiovascular disease for the next 10 years.

Why push ups are beneficial for cardiac health
Its logic is very simple. In push ups, the whole part of the body is involved from bottom to top. While doing push ups, there is movement in many muscles of the arms, chest, hips and legs. This brings flexibility in all these organs. You can control its speed according to your convenience. There is strength in all these muscles and these organs. Dr. Vishal Rastogi, director of interventional cardiology at Fortis Escort Heart Hospital, says that moderate exercise like push ups is very important for the heart. This needs to be done daily. It directly affects the heart and increases the ability to bear pressure. This lowers blood pressure.

Exercise benefits the heart
Dr Vishal Rastogi, director of interventional cardiology at Fortis Escort Heart Hospital, told that exercise anyway reduces the risk of sugar rise. It reduces stress hormones and increases HDL ie good cholesterol. It benefits the body in many ways. Increases the ability to bear pressure in the heart.

how much exercise our body can tolerate
Now this question is important that how much exercise our body has the stamina to do. Heart rate is affected by the age of the person. If a person is 40 years old, then his heart rate should not be more than 180 at the time of exercise. If the heart rate is higher than this during exercise, it means that your body’s stamina is not high and you should stop immediately. In this situation you should contact the doctor. Dr. Rastogi also told that if your heart rate does not reach 150 or 160 at the time of exercise, it means that the benefit of your exercise is not reaching your heart. This means that the benefit of the exercise we are doing should reach the heart. Therefore, in this situation, contact the doctor and exercise by combining the rhythm of the heart rate with exercise.

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