Do you also argue in front of your children? Learn what to do, what not to do


Seeing parents always fighting in a loud voice, children start shying away from talking.
Seeing parents fighting, there may be stress, behavior related problems inside the child.

It is said that where there is love, there is also strife, debate, nostalgia. This is a very common thing in any relationship, but many times this debate takes the form of day-to-day fights and fights, which have a negative effect on children too. Some people even start fighting in front of their children. Seeing your parents fighting every day, one can see stress, anxiety, behavior related problems, sleeplessness etc. inside the child. Seeing their parents fighting every day makes children sad, upset as well as affects them psychologically.

Seeing parents always fighting with each other in a loud voice, children start shying away from talking to them. This can affect the relationship between parent and child in the future. There can be distance between them. It may also happen that the child, like you, starts shouting in everything, argues. If you do not want your child to go away from you, then it is very important to keep some things in mind while arguing with each other.

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Do’s and don’ts during an argument in front of children

  • Arguing in front of children is not right under any circumstances. This can have a negative effect on them. Seeing you fighting and yelling at each other every day, children can also become angry, violent. In such a situation, you should not engage in any kind of debate in your room with each other, but in front of them.
  • Instead of shouting, you can also talk in a low voice, even if you agree with your partner or not. Shouting can’t solve any problem, it will only make things worse. This will only create fear in your child, as well as the wrong thinking, impression will also start growing on them.
  • Do not raise your hands on each other while fighting, arguing and arguing in front of the children. Sometimes some men become very aggressive. In a fit of rage, he even raises his hand on the mother in front of the child. Don’t forget to do this. This can cause your child to stop talking to you. If the child sees such things every day in the house itself, then negative thinking towards women may develop in his mind and he will not respect women even outside.
  • If both of you disagree with each other on something, then sit down and solve it calmly. Show in front of the child that you certainly fight with each other, but there is also more love and affection between you. Make your child feel that no matter what the circumstances, you will always be there.

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  • Being a parent and then fulfilling all your duties is never easy. There are many things, on which both of you have different opinion and thinking. Regardless of the differences between the two of you regarding the upbringing of your children, do not argue or fight these things in front of the children. Children start developing wrong thinking about themselves after seeing their parents quarreling. They may feel that they are the cause of constant quarrels and disagreements between their parents. Many children start blaming their very existence. Due to high emotional stress, anger can lead to aggression in children.
  • There are also some parents, who talk about their children in their fights to support, favor them. Never force a child to take the side. Parents should make sure that there should never be such a situation in the relationship that children have to choose between the two of you or justify one’s point of view, even if you are wrong. With this, the child will grow up and support the wrong, his decisions can also be wrong.

  • If there is life and relationship, then there will be arguments, quarrels, disagreements, debates etc. There is no end to them, but it is not necessary that every small issue should be made big by arguing. Work towards resolving disputes rather than escalating any matter, so that your child realizes that you both try to resolve issues, handle problems together. This will give them a sense of security. At the same time, they will also understand how any debate, quarrel can be ended in a positive way.

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