Do you also take steam on your face every day? Skin will get spoiled, know the advantages and disadvantages of taking facial steam


Regular facial steaming should be avoided if you have sensitive skin.
People with dry skin should do steaming only once a week.

Facial Steaming: People usually use cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen lotion, face wash, home remedies, etc. in skin care, but these days the use of facial steaming has also increased to keep the skin healthy and for proper care. Facial steaming means the process of taking steam with hot water on the face. With this the dirt of the face is removed, the skin becomes clean. Some people feel that taking steam increases the glow of the face. But, is facial steaming healthy for the skin? Let us know what is facial steaming and its advantages and disadvantages here.

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What is facial steaming?

Facial steaming means covering the face with a towel over the steam coming out of hot water. Some people go to beauty parlor for facial steaming, but nowadays people have started taking steam at home also. At home it is done for 4-5 minutes. Hot water is poured into the bowl and the face is covered with a towel. The face has to be steamed for 5 minutes by bending the face over the bowl. Keep in mind that steaming more than this can damage the skin of the face. You can also buy facial steamers. This also reduces the risk of burning with hot water.

benefits of facial steaming According to a news published in, facial steaming makes the skin soft. Closed pores open. The skin is cleansed from within. When the pores open by taking steam, unwanted substances like excess sebum come out. Sebum is an oily substance released by the sebaceous gland, which is the main cause of acne. Taking steam can reduce the problem of acne. Since, facial steaming opens the pores of the skin, thereby releasing sebum and preventing acne from forming. Facial steaming keeps the skin hydrated, which helps maintain strength and flexibility. Taking steam of hot water increases blood circulation in the face, due to which the skin gets more oxygen and the skin remains healthy. The increased blood circulation stimulates collagen.

Tips after facial steaming

First of all, clean the face. You can also use face mask, facial toner. This closes the pores. If there is no toner then use cold water. Now apply moisturizer so that you can get more benefits of facial steaming. Choose moisturizer according to the skin.

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Disadvantages of facial steaming

There are advantages of facial steaming and there are some disadvantages too. Facial steaming is not for everyone. Although the side effects of facial steaming are usually mild, they can be harmful for people with certain skin conditions. Eczema, dermatitis, small pimples filled with red pus etc. If you have a problem with dry skin, then taking too much facial steaming can increase the problem. Taking steam of very hot water can reduce the natural oil present in the skin. This can cause dryness and irritation. The steam dilates the blood vessels, which can cause a lot of redness.

Especially those whose skin is sensitive, they should avoid doing facial steaming regularly. Generally doing facial steaming everyday is not good for anyone. Do facial steaming keeping in mind the skin type. People with oily skin get more benefits of facial steaming. Do not do it more than two or three times a week. People with dry skin should do steaming only once a week, so that the face does not become more dry. People with sensitive skin should forget about facial steaming.

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