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Imtiaz Ali’s new series ‘Doctor Arora’, which is airing on Sony Liv, is not a series but a house-to-house story that happens not only in India but in every corner of the world. Human life is not only for eating and drinking but also for increasing its progeny which is possible only by sex. There are strange beliefs, beliefs, traditions and methods regarding sex not only in India but all over the world. When Rajneesh wrote ‘Sambhog se samadhi ki aur’, there was a lot of uproar in our place. But even today, a person who is a teenager first reads this book, which not only opens the web of his mind, but also provides some peace to an innate curiosity, answers some questions.

This story revolves between Morena, Sawai Madhopur and Jhansi where there is a clinic of a gynaecologist and we see such advertisements in newspapers and places. Temporarily running such clinics in a hotel or dharamshala are out in the country and doctors from Chopra, Arora to Sahni and all kinds of doctors treat everything from masculine weakness to fissures, piles and latent diseases. From bus stand to railway station’s pee house or Sulabh complex or all the other places are littered with such advertisements.

… hence the increasing divorce cases

I have been in the social sector for the last many years, so I have to do many types of work with different sections of the community. I am working from remote areas of the country to metros and for the last decade I am seeing that the cases of divorce between husband and wife are increasing more. If we look on the surface, we feel that these cases are about the victimization of the woman in her in-laws’ house. But when I personally interact with young peers, talk to my students or talk to children growing up in relatives, I understand that the main reason for divorce is lack of physical comfort. Or simply put, there is dissatisfaction in sex and this dissatisfaction is so much that the matter is reaching to divorce only after 1 or 2 months of marriage. In such a situation, people who do not reach divorce and take care of social bond, family honor or their prestige – often go to such occultist and this occultist not only gives them advice but also A good amount of money is also spent. Sometimes cases reach to blackmail and youth have to commit suicide.

Life style has many problems

Due to work pressure, excessive time taken in local transport in metro city, increase in working hours and so, it may not be possible to return home at 10-11 pm with exhausted body and give physical pleasure to your partner. is getting. Because of this the fights are increasing. Working late nights and sometimes overnight work is also a big issue in the software industry – due to which the youth are not able to give as much time to their partner as is expected. In the beginning it goes away with a little adjustment, but when it becomes a permanent feeling of life, then a kind of impotence starts to dominate mentally and due to lack of physical happiness, the nature of both the husband and wife becomes irritable. seems to happen. This irritability leads to divorce or even to some secret disease specialist. Because of this, more mental diseases have also started happening.

Doctor Arora has also been a victim of this disease

Dr. Arora is one such person who was married but he could not give happiness to his wife, because of that his wife left him. After studying, he started advising his friends and gradually he became proficient in this work. Starting with a small clinic, he spread his work to three cities, and two days a week, he sat in a dark room in a small hotel in all three cities, giving advice to patients. All types of patients come to Arora, from adolescence to an elderly person. Each episode tells a unique story and along with it many stories run simultaneously. There is a superintendent of police in a city who is young – this officer named Tomar is a very tough police officer, young but unable to have a proper relationship with his wife and is a victim of premature ejaculation. His wife comes to know from somewhere that Dr. Arora who is such an expert. So she gets in touch with Arora. She first mixes in a sari shop, then calls her home and starts getting her husband treated.

What was the story of Dr. Prakash Kant of Dewas

Watching this episode reminded me of the story of Dr. Prakash Kant of Dewas, which he wrote on the drug dealers of Salam Musli and was based on a town. There is a town where there is a police station and the police officer there is a victim of humiliation. He takes medicine from the seller of Salam Muesli and is threatened that he will destroy his shop if his medicine is not cured. Even after taking medicine for two to three months continuously, when he is not able to perform properly, then one day he sends the constable of his police station to go and pick up that Salam Musliwala. Salam Musli Wala is very nervous when the cops come to his shop to arrest him. But then he thinks that what is the harm in going to the police station – what will the police officer do, likewise he is impotent. Similarly, the SP named Tomar also threatens the doctor. But the doctor knows that he cannot harm her. But in the end the doctor is arrested on the basis of two or three fake complaints. Finally the doctor’s ex-wife comes and comforts him that she will testify that he was with her the previous night.

need for sex education

In this whole game, media, social organizations, religious babas, ashrams, monasteries and all the bizarre stories of society run parallel. Where someone or the other is a victim of profanity and the doctor is secretly called to every place and treatment is done. In fact, there is a need to work very seriously about sex and sex related misconceptions. There is a need of sex education from adolescence so that young children can be properly explained about sex and physiology of sex and they do not have any illusions in their mind and live their life properly. Openly talking about sex should also happen in society because the way emotions are suppressed, the way questions are suppressed by considering it as obscenity. He eventually leads everyone in the wrong direction and the boys and girls end up ruining their lives by getting into really bad company.

The whole family will sit together and watch this series.

Adolescence and puberty are two important stages of life and if there is no correct information in this stage then they will not be able to enjoy life nor life will have any meaning – whole life will be spent between fighting and such doctors and maya The proverb of Milegi Na Ram will be fulfilled. Doctor Arora is a very effective series which should be watched by all the members of the family sitting together so that whatever questions the children, adolescents and youth may have, they can be understood in the right sense and given proper answers. Recently in Bhopal I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with people from the LGBTQ community and with a group of transgenders who are also called third genders in a training – then I understood the way society discriminates against them, the way They are being exploited since, the way they are being neglected at every level is not right for any civilized society. But Mitwa social organization has done a very good job in Chhattisgarh.

Society needs to change

A Third Gender Commission has been formed in the entire Chhattisgarh in collaboration with the state government, more than 100 third gender persons have been given jobs in police and other departments. A shelter home has been built in Raipur and extensive training has been done to sensitize the police. Vidya Rajput, president of Mitwa Sanstha, says, “Until the attitude of the society changes, the feelings of the people will not be understood and there will always be exploitation, neglect and neglect of small sections in a big society. By taking advantage of their weaknesses, they will continue to exploit them financially, mentally and socially. Today it is necessary that all types of people should be respected. They should be recognized and a topic like sex should be discussed openly only then we will be able to imagine a healthy and developed society. In Raipur, Priyank Patel, the operator of Nukkad Teekafe, has three outlets, two in Raipur and one in Bhilai, the cafe in Pandri Mall, Raipur is operated by the youth of the third gender and for this work, Priyank was recently awarded the President’s Award. Has been done.

pointing out inconsistencies

This series is important not only because it has entertainment, laughs, laughs, talks about human weaknesses, talks openly about sex – but it is important because it moves towards a bigger problem and the development of human civilization. And points to the discrepancies in the birth of man. Imtiaz Ali has beautifully composed and woven this story. The performances of the cast are excellent and the speed with which the story of the series engages the audience is commendable. This series is a must watch and must be watched with the whole family without any shame or hesitation – so that we can all have a serious discussion about sex, the most important part of our lives, in an open and healthy environment. It can seriously lead to an educational conversation in the right direction – it will not be an exaggeration if I say this.

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