Does country liquor itself become poisonous liquor? No, the truth is completely different from this, know how it takes life


Country liquor is not illegal. A license is issued to make and sell it.
In villages and towns, alcohol made from jaggery, water, urea, oxytocin becomes poisonous.

Chhapra Siwan Hooch Tragedy: So far 54 people have died after drinking spurious liquor in Chhapra, Bihar. It is believed that this figure can reach beyond 100. However, the administration has so far confirmed only 26 deaths. At the same time, 20 people have died after drinking spurious liquor (Siwan Hooch Tragedy) in Siwan. This is not the first time that people have died after drinking spurious liquor in Bihar, UP, Gujarat or other states. Bihar Police is on high alert and is conducting raids at various places. At one place, the dog squad has caught raw liquor hidden under the ground. In the midst of intense police investigation and strict action, let us know how alcohol becomes poisonous. What happens in this, as soon as you drink it, the lamps of many houses go off forever?

Most of the people believe that country liquor is poisonous liquor. However, this does not happen. Governments issue licenses for making country liquor. It is sold legally at country liquor shops. In contrast, poisoned liquor is not legally valid. It is also called raw wine. It is made and sold secretly in small towns and villages. It is also much cheaper than country liquor. That’s why people of low income group consume it and become victims.

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How does raw alcohol become poisonous?

Jaggery, water, urea are used to make raw liquor in villages and towns. Many dangerous chemicals are also used in this. Keeping the liquor prepared by this method for a long time also kills insects. Such alcohol becomes poisonous. Raw brewers use oxytocin to rot the jaggery. Apart from this, Nausadar and Urea are also mixed. All these things are very dangerous for the body. When fermentation is done by mixing urea, oxytocin, jaggery and water, methyl alcohol is formed instead of ethyl alcohol. This methyl alcohol itself causes the alcohol to become poisonous. Methyl alcohol is also formed along with ethyl alcohol even if the temperature is not taken care of while making alcohol.

Poisonous alcohol has a direct effect on the brain, eyes and heart.

Poisonous alcohol causes painful death

Dr. Naresh Kumar says that methyl alcohol makes formaldehyde (formic acid) in the body. This is such a poison, which becomes the cause of loss of eyesight or death. It affects the mind of the drinker. The amount of methyl alcohol in poisonous alcohol is more than 90 percent. So much methyl alcohol causes nervous system break down. Toxic alcohol drinkers become victims of cardiomyopathy and optic neuropathy. In cardiomyopathy, the size of the heart suddenly increases. This makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood and the drinker gets a heart attack. Due to this the drinker suffers a lot and dies a painful death.

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the price of a sip, a lifetime just darkness

Apart from cardiomyopathy, the drinker of spurious liquor can also be a victim of optic neuropathy. Dr. Naresh Kumar says that the drinker does not die in this, but his eyesight can be lost for life. In this, the vein of the eye of the drinker dries up. This stops being visible. Please tell that due to the presence of too much methyl alcohol in poisonous liquor, first of all the effect is visible on the eyes only.

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