Does long distance relationship affect you mentally? Keep this relationship healthy like this

Long-distance relationship has become very common in today’s date. Long-distance relationship means love bird or couple not living together in the same city. One lives in Delhi and the other lives in Mumbai. Many times people have to stay away from each other due to their work. In this kind of relationship only, the true identity of the lovers also becomes that how loyal they are to each other even after staying away from each other. Is their love true or false. In a long-distance relationship, you cannot meet each other whenever you want. You can talk only through phone, video call, chatting. However, it has some advantages and some disadvantages as well. Sometimes such relationships start affecting mental health as well.

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Does long distance relationship affect mental health?
Many times when you miss your partner very much, then you feel like meeting him. Feels like spending a few moments sitting with him, but it is not possible to do so by staying away from each other. Even in this situation, you have to resort to phone calls to share your views. Sometimes it starts having a negative effect on mental health. When someone misses that one person very much in times of trouble and he is not with you, then you can become even more mentally disturbed. Long distance relationships can be full of problems at times for the development of a healthy relationship. These can also affect mental health in negative ways. However, this does not happen with everyone.

what happens in the brain when you are away
verywellmind According to a news published in, when you do not live in the same house or near your partner, distance alone can increase your stress level. You personally go through more relationship stress when you are in a long distance relationship than in a live-in boyfriend or couple. This happens because, because you are not as close to your partner physically, mentally and emotionally, you do not get enough of the feel-good neurotransmitters or happy hormones dopamine and serotonin. Both of these also affect the health of your stomach. Happy hormone works to increase happiness. Due to lack of these feel good hormones, many times people also suffer from major depressive disorder.

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loss of confidence
When you are away from your partner, some people’s faith in each other starts to waver. He thinks that he is not deceiving me. Has he become friends with someone else? Mental health starts getting affected by such negative thoughts coming in the mind. Due to the lack of trust in the relationship, fear and anxiety start building up inside you. Relationships break due to lack of trust.

lack of conversation
In a long-distance relationship, one has to call and text to talk to each other. You are not able to share the feelings of your heart by sitting face to face. Sometimes it also happens that due to being busy, there is no talk for many days. Due to this, there is a communication gap among themselves and if there is no talk at the time of need, then there is a feeling of uneasiness in the mind and heart. If your love is true, then you must talk on message, phone call every day. With this, feelings, love, emotions for each other will remain intact in your relationship. Must do good morning, good night message. These loving messages make you feel in touch with each other in a long-distance relationship.

Tips to make long-distance relationship healthy
– No matter how far you are from each other, keep faith in your relationship. Be honest with each other, don’t try cheating.
If the phone does not come even for a day or two, then first try to understand and know the reason instead of shouting on the phone.
If you are in a long distance relationship then avoid ignoring the talk of your partner. Listen to everything and try to understand their problems.

Physical intimacy is necessary in love, but it is not possible by staying away. In such a situation, send loving messages to each other. Do romantic things. With this, the person in front will feel that you love him very much.
You both live far away, but whenever you get a chance, come to meet. Don’t miss a single chance to meet each other. This also gives a feeling in the mind that you really love each other very much.
Avoid fighting over small things. Why didn’t you call, with whom you were hanging out etc. Don’t talk suspiciously.
If you love each other then it is very important to be honest towards the relationship. Some people stay away and start cheating, which is not right at all. This can break relationships.

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