Does sugar increase the dizziness of dehydration? Know what science and health experts say?

New Delhi. Many types of beverages are used in almost every country and culture around the world to keep oneself fresh and hydrated during the summer season. We have a long list of these drinks in India, which includes Shikanji, Buttermilk, Aam Panna, Lassi, Sol Kadi, Pankam, Matha etc. The important thing to note here is that each of these drinks contains some kind of liquid (water/yogurt/fruit pulp), a small amount of sweeteners (jaggery, brown sugar, sugar), spices (various of spices!) and salt (black salt, rock salt, sea salt, common salt) are used in the right proportion.

Each such drink helps in maintaining the balance of fluids in your body. After all, hydration doesn’t just mean drinking plenty of water, but it also means making up for the lack of electrolytes in our body through sweat and urine.

glut of sugar
Now, we compare these traditional beverages with the most commonly used beverages like fizzy drinks, sweetened beverages, fruit juices available in the market, milk in different flavors etc. We are adding ice cream to this list as well, because we consume a lot of it in summers!

The trouble is, every one of these drinks (and ice cream too) is loaded with sugar. Even when you buy fruit juices that are said to be ‘no added sugar’ (no added sugar), you still end up using 20-26 grams of sugar per 240 ml of juice. For example, you get the same amount of sugar from your fizzy soft drink.

Consuming sugar is a problem in itself
When it comes to hydration, let alone weight issues and diabetes; Then consuming too much sugar is a problem in itself. You see, your kidneys are part of the system that works to control the sugar in your blood. The kidney performs its function by removing the excess sugar present in the body in the urine, but along with sugar, we also lose our precious electrolytes and fluids.

sugar dehydrates you
Another reason why sugar dehydrates you is osmosis or osmosis. You must have read in science in school that osmosis is the process by which molecules of a solvent pass through a semipermeable membrane from a lower concentration solution to a more concentrated solution. Simply put, water moves towards concentrated solutions, so that whatever is dissolved in it dissolves even more thoroughly. Now imagine what happens to your body when your blood sugar rises. In an effort to lower your blood sugar concentration, water moves through cell membranes and into the bloodstream flowing through your body.

Take ‘Hydrating Drinks’ Wisely
As soon as the cells sense a lack of water, they signal to the brain to consume water. In such a situation, the brain immediately expresses the desire to take a sip of water. Imagine what would happen if the amount of sugar in what you are drinking is very high? Instead of combating and controlling it, you end up with high blood sugar and hydration issues.

That’s why the next time you reach for a ‘hydrating drink’, check the sugar content on its label. If you are going to buy a sports drink, then also check for caffeine, as it also makes you want to pass urine more frequently.

what to drink
What can you drink in such a situation? Like traditional summer drinks, our bodies need something that replenishes both fluids and electrolytes. And when it comes to trust, nothing is better than oral rehydration solutions. The World Health Organization has spent a lot of its time researching and perfecting the formula for rehydration over the years: the right ratio of salt, minerals and electrolytes is vital to helping our bodies recover from dehydration.

reliable electrol
We Indians are very lucky as we got this life saving and reliable hydrating formula in the year 1972 itself. That too in the form of a reliable electrolyte, which we all use a lot in our homes. This is the same electrol that your mother relied on when you had diarrhoea, vomiting or even a high fever. This is what your whole family trusts, and it is the number one WHO ORS recommended by doctors. Electrol is now also available in ready-to-drink Tetrapack.

Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks
We recommend that you avoid sugary and fizzy drinks. Also, we would like to suggest that you drink more water and eat nutritious food which will help in replenishing the electrolytes naturally in your body. Also, become more aware of your thirst and if you find yourself dehydrated, then give up the temptation to drink a sugary drink. Instead, choose the one that works best for your body: Electrol is also WHO approved and comes with an osmolarity of 245 mOsmol/L, and it’s essential for your body’s rehydration!

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