Doing yoga without practicing yoga on yoga day may cause harm instead of benefit, learn from yoga expert how

New Delhi. International Day of Yoga 2022 will be celebrated on 21st June. For this, special preparations are being made by the Ministry of AYUSH, while common people are also very excited about Yoga Day and collectively become a part of Yoga program on this day. Yoga has now become an important part of common life, so people practice yoga regularly and daily, but there are many people whose regular routine does not include yoga, but due to enthusiasm and enthusiasm, they are involved in yogasana programs on International Yoga Day. are there. According to yoga experts, yogasanas done in this way for a day are sometimes more harmful than benefits. This is the reason that after June 21, many patients who are facing problems due to yogasanas often come forward.

SM Yoga Research Institute and Naturopathy Hospital India Yogaguru, Secretary and Founder and CEO of Shanti Marg The Yogashram America Dr. Balmukund Shastri It is said that yoga is a continuous process that demands practice, understanding and correct information. Yoga is a method of medicine that cuts and prevents major diseases from coming, but if yoga, asanas or pranayama are done incorrectly or without practice, then instead of benefit, they also harm many times. Although this damage is temporary, but if not taken care of, it can also increase in the form of physical illness.

In the Yoga Protocol of the Ministry of AYUSH, all yoga is easy, but some yogasanas can cause problems due to sudden practice without practice.

Dr. Balmukund says that it has often been seen that people do yoga asanas collectively or singly on International Yoga Day on 21st June without prior practice, due to yoga awareness, enthusiasm, institutional or social pressure or for many other reasons. They also follow the yoga protocol of the central government, but after that they suddenly fall ill. Shastri says that for the last few years, after June 22, such patients are also seen who after doing yoga, there is pain in the body, strain, muscle stiffness, pain or swelling in the neck, shoulder, spine, joints, knees, stomach. bring problems. This happens due to many yogasanas being done incorrectly or even though they are not practiced. Although all yoga is easy in the yoga protocol of the Ministry of AYUSH, but some yogasanas can cause problems.

Diseases can arise from these yogasanas practiced without yoga protocol

, Vrikshasana
Yoga guru Dr. Balmukund says that Vrikshasana demands practice. This yoga asana requires a lot of concentration. The mind has to be concentrated on one center. To do this asana with concentration or concentration, it is very important to practice this asana beforehand. It has been seen many times that in the absence of its practice, there is a danger of deteriorating the balance and the person may fall. The person may have nervousness, dizziness, the balance of the body may deteriorate.

, padhastasana
This yoga is also done properly only after practice, otherwise, since there is a curve in the spine and the chances of getting spine disorders or spinal diseases increase. There may also be complaints of humping etc. There may be a problem of kyphosis etc., the spinal cord may come out. There may be a problem of raising the vertebrae. Due to the stretch in the body, there may be pain in the body for at least three days. There may be problems of dizziness, vomiting etc.

, Utrasana
Dr. Shastri says that without practicing Ustrasana, there are chances of getting injury in the ribs, spinal cord. Apart from this, pain and muscle problems can also occur anywhere in the body. Only after practicing this one can reach the state of complete Ustrasana.

Yogasanas are beneficial for health, although it is necessary to practice them regularly and properly.

Yogasanas are beneficial for health, although it is necessary to practice them regularly and properly.

, marichyasana or vakrasana
This posture is also a bit difficult for those who do not do asanas daily. In Marichyasana or Vakrasana, there is pressure on the stomach. In this, by bending one knee, press the stomach with the thighs and twist the upper body. If this asana is not done properly, then either it will not get any benefit or if you try to do it properly in one go, then the organs inside the stomach or the muscles inside the stomach, will get hurt. Chances of getting caught.

, Shalabhasana
They tell that doing Ekam Shalabhasana without regular practice can result in injury to three bones, S1, S2 and coccyx or tail bone in our waist or lower part of the waist. There is also a problem of jerking in the waist, due to which there may be pain in the back for several days, or it may increase.

, setubandhasana
Yoga gurus say that if you do not learn to do regular practice of Setubandhasana from about 10 days ago, then suddenly this yogasana is done with everyone on the day of yoga day, then it creates a risk of spinal injury. Apart from this, the possibility of having problems in the shoulders and neck also increases.

, Kapalbhati
Especially patients of high blood pressure need to take care not to overdo it. Apart from this, if they do this exercise, they should do this pranayama regularly under the guidance. Kapalbhati increases our blood circulation, in such a situation a patient of high blood pressure can have a lot of problems with it. At least they do it. Along with this, while doing Kapalbhati patients with high BP, keep in mind that they should exhale for 30 to 60 times in a minute.

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