Double XL Movie Review: This light-hearted story of ‘heavy’ women is good, just not new…

Double XL Movie Review in Hindi: Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi are two such heroines of Bollywood, whose weight is often talked about. Answering these words and taunts, both of them have brought a film, which is named ‘Double XL’. Actually Many songs and ghazals have been said about the beauty of women, many records have been fabricated, but the women mentioned in these are actually very few. In this era of ‘Luck 28 Kudi Da and 47 Wet Kudi Da’, ‘Double XL’ is the film which puts forward the story of women having a body other than the women with ‘Perfect Body’. Although there is a lot of talk on body shaming these days, many types of advertisements are being made. So does this film of Huma and Sonakshi tell you something new, something special is shown… let us tell you.

Story: This is the story of Rajshree Trivedi (Huma Qureshi) living in Meerut and Saira Khanna (Sonakshi Sinha) living in Delhi, who are overweight girls. Rajshri has a passion for cricket and aspires to become a sports presenter since the age of 19. On the other hand, Saira Khanna is a fashion designer and she wants to launch her own label. But for these overweight girls, their weight comes in the way of their work every time. Rajshree is not made an anchor in the sports channel due to her weight and Saira is caught cheating on her boyfriend. But on one occasion these two women meet each other and their dreams get mixed together. Joining them in this journey are Shrikant (Mahat Raghavendra) and Zorawar Rahmani (Zaheer Iqbal) who not only support them, but they see their beauty and fall in love with these two girls irrespective of their weight. Now whether these two overweight girls are able to fulfill their double XL size dreams, you will get to see in this film.

Double XL is a light-hearted comedy film, in which an important topic like body shaming has been raised. But this story could not show or feel anything that you have not seen or heard before. The beginning of the story is fine but for some time the story seems a bit stretchy. Some scenes are quite funny in which you will laugh a lot but there is no surprise element anywhere in the story. You will understand what will happen in the next scene or where the story is going. You will get almost equal dose of comedy in the first half and second half, which is a good thing about this film.

Cricket and cinema always pull the audience, which will be seen in this film as well. You will also get to see Kapil Dev and Shikhar Dhawan in this film. But the interview of Kapil Dev which has been so hyped in the film, if that interview had been shown in reality, which might have gone up a note in the film, but this lack struck me a lot. On the other hand, breaking the stereotype of body type, this film itself is showing the stereotype in the name of sports. Rajshri, who dreams of becoming a sports presenter, talks and talks only on cricket throughout the film. Just like cold doesn’t just mean Coca-Cola, so sports doesn’t just mean cricket… but well.

Talking about acting, all the four actors have looked good in their respective places. Both Sonakshi and Huma have complemented each other a lot on screen. But I think you will feel very connected to Huma Qureshi. Huma’s problem, her style has been very funny. On the other hand, Zaheer Iqbal has become a loving boy, whose style you will like. Although I felt after seeing Zaheer’s character that something interesting would come out in the end, but nothing like that happened. Mahat Raghavendra is an actor from South and his language is Tamil. His style has also been kept in the film, which is quite good. You will definitely like it.

For this light-hearted story and funny message, you must watch this film once in theatres. 3 stars for this movie from my side

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