Drinking brandy-rum in winter will not cause cold-cough? Learn the advice of Dr. Kakkar, Co-Chairman of Gangaram Hospital

In the winter season, many of us are struggling with cough and cold. In such a situation, people often recommend consuming rum or brandy to get rid of it. Not only this, the people who consume it do not even get tired of counting its benefits. But, no one knows the truth. After all, to find out whether rum or brandy is beneficial for us, we Dr. Atul Kakkar, Co-Chairman, Department of Medicine, Gangaram Hospital talked to. Actually, there is a belief that the effect of rum is hot. By drinking this, a person suffering from cough, cold and cold gets immediate relief. All kinds of claims have been made in many reports.

It is advised to drink brandy or rum in winter.
Rum is made from a byproduct of sugarcane. It is a type of distilled alcoholic drink. Brandy is also a strong alcoholic drink, which is made from fruit juice or distilled wine. In the winter season, people who are fond of drinking alcohol shift to brandy and rum. Their argument is that both these drinks are hot and by taking regularly, your body Hotness comes. There are also claims that drinking rum or brandy can prevent joint pain ie osteoporosis or Arthritis I get relief. It is also said that taking these drinks improves bone mineral density.

Claims to be healthy for the heart
In all the research allegedly done on rum and brandy, claims have been made that it keeps the health of the heart healthy. Due to its use in the arteries in winter. blood flow stays better. The chances of blockage in the artery are reduced. This reduces the chances of heart attack in winter.

Claims of relief from respiratory problems and warmth in the body
Drinkers also claim that drinking brandy or rum in winter brings warmth inside your body. Even claims are made that children are given brandy mixed with honey so that their body becomes warm. There is also a claim that brandy or rum is the cure for many respiratory problems in winter. Because it has anti inflammatory property. It is said that alcohol clears the sticky substances in our nose and along with it, bacteria also get removed.

Claims are claims not science
All these claims about rum and brandy have no scientific basis. To understand these claims, we spoke to Dr. Atul Kakkar, Co-Chairman, Department of Medicine, Sir Gangaram Hospital. Dr. Kakkar explains that medically no doctor can recommend that you take rum or brandy. A patient with congestion should not be taken at all. Congestion means that you have tightness of phlegm in your chest and you are troubled by cough and cold. Dr. Atul says that the immunity of such patients is low anyway.

Taking rum or brandy weakens the immunity further. It will be harmful for them. They say that taking alcohol gives a kind of heat. But this heat is for a very short time. Later this heat also causes harm. That’s why no doctor can medically advise anyone to take alcohol in any way. This is completely a myth. Drinkers need some kind of excuse. This is also an excuse. It has nothing to do with truth. If someone has phlegm, he should not take alcohol at all.

Feels better but it’s not reality
Dr. Kakkar says that patients take alcohol so that they get the feeling of well being. But in reality nothing like this happens. They think that the drink is good, soothing, warm, but it only does harm.

If a healthy person takes it, will he not get cold and cough?
Of course it seems. A healthy person can take a limited amount of alcohol. But it does not mean at all that if someone continues to take alcohol, he will not get cold or cough. We should not promote this thing at all. This is almost certainly false.

Chest or bone is not good for anyone
Alcohol is not good for any body parts. This weakens immunity. It is absolutely wrong to say that alcohol is good for chest or bone. The truth is that alcohol is a risk factor. This increases the risk of osteopenia or osteoporosis. Due to this the bones become very weak and they can break easily. Actually, those who are alcoholics have liver cirrhosis and in such people both bones and muscles become weak due to alcohol. Alcohol is more deadly.

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