During the World War, the ‘spinach’ of the injured soldiers had saved their lives, read interesting things related to this beneficial vegetable

Spinach is famous all over the world. Spinach is eaten the most among green vegetables. Its specialty is that it is sweet, cool, bile-killer and satiety. The vitamins and minerals found in it are very beneficial for the body. Due to these qualities, spinach had played a role in saving the lives of soldiers injured in the World War. Years ago, a cartoon serial on the ‘strength’ of spinach in America increased its consumption by 30 percent. Surprisingly, this greens became the most popular among children during that period.

Useful for those with physical, mental work

Iron and calcium are most needed to keep the body strong and healthy. Both these elements are rich in spinach, as well as many vitamins are also found. Labor provides foster power to the people who do the work, so it is like nectar to those who do mental labor. The reason for this is that raw pal contains 91 percent water, just a little less than cucumber. Apart from this, it contains 4 percent carbohydrate, three percent protein and negligible fat. Only 34 calories are found in 100 grams of spinach. That is why it is considered rich in nutritional elements.

Spinach is growing in India since 2000 years ago

Experts believe that spinach originated 2000 years ago. They claim that it first grew in Persia, then reached countries like India, China and Nepal. Dr. Bishwajit Chaudhary, senior scientist of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, says that the first cultivation of spinach was done by Arab people and it is probably a vegetable of South-West Asia. On the other hand, American botanist Sushma Nathani, while giving information about the origin center of spinach in her research, has said that spinach was first grown in the Central Asiatic Center, in which North-West India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are prominent. The Ayurvedic texts of India also testify that it is the green of India itself. In the text ‘Charakasamhita’ written in the seventh-eighth century BC, describing spinach, it has been described as sweet, digestive but producing air in the stomach.

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There are many stories related to spinach

Talking about the spread of spinach, it reached Europe via Africa in the 12th century. It appeared in England and France in the 14th century. It came to the United States in 1800 AD. Its specialty has been that in the Middle Ages the green colored substance extracted from spinach was used to color the artifacts. Special elements found in spinach thicken the blood, so during World War I wounded French soldiers were given spinach juice mixed with alcohol to stop bleeding from wounds.

Experts believe that spinach originated 2000 years ago.

You will be surprised that the consumption of spinach in America had increased a lot in the 1930s. The reason being, a cartoon serial airing at that time was Popeye the Sailor Man, whose main character became powerful after eating spinach. Due to this serial, the consumption of spinach in America had increased by 33 percent and children started eating it with great fervor. In 2004, the Empire State Building was decorated with spinach green to celebrate Popeye’s 75th birthday. Nowadays spinach is most commonly eaten in America, Canada and Europe all over the world.

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This green is full of miraculous properties

Talking about the properties found in spinach, they are ‘miraculous’. It is rich in vitamins A, C, K, B6, E, as well as a great source of riboflavin (digestive), calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, folate (natural form of vitamin B9) and iron. It contains more iron than meat, which the body absorbs. According to well-known Ayurvedacharya Dr. Veena Sharma, spinach is considered to be digestible in Ayurveda and beneficial for the body. Due to the high amount of iron in it, hemoglobin in the blood increases rapidly, due to which new enthusiasm, new energy and enthusiasm is transmitted in the body.

Digestive power is also strengthened by consuming spinach.

Digestive power is also strengthened by consuming spinach.

Spinach is spicy, sweet, pathetic, choleretic and satiating. Due to the abundance of nutrients, it is beneficial for pregnant women as well as malnourished children. It strengthens those whose digestive power is weak. Its juice is beneficial in many diseases of stomach and intestines or stomach. Apart from this, it also controls diseases like acid-bile, indigestion, piles, constipation etc.

The weak can get stones, blood can coagulate

Spinach has other characteristics as well. Its regular consumption helps in reducing cancer, blood pressure, bone strength and weight loss. It is beneficial for the eyes, controls hypertension, besides increasing immunity, keeps the brain healthy. Mixing glycerin in two or three drops of spinach and lemon juice and applying it on the skin at bedtime ends wrinkles and dryness of the skin. Hair does not fall due to its consumption.
By the way, so many nutrients found in spinach can be a cause of trouble for some people. It contains large amounts of vitamin K1 which can cause blood clotting. Spinach also contains oxalate. If the body is not able to digest it, then it will come out with the help of urine, but in people who do not have it, then it can cause kidney stones. To avoid its danger, it is advisable to eat spinach after boiling.

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