Dussehra 2022: Celebrate Dussehra with family at home in these 7 ways, make this festival memorable


Dussehra will be celebrated on 5 October.
The festival of Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil.
To celebrate Dussehra, make a small effigy of Ravana yourself.

Ways to Celebrate Dussehra at Home: Dussehra will be celebrated tomorrow (October 5). It is also called Vijayadashami. Dussehra is a major festival celebrated in India at the end of Navratri every year. The festival of Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil. On this day Lord Shri Ram killed the tyrant Ravana. The tradition of burning big effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Meghnath on Vijayadashami has been going on for years. By doing this people celebrate the victory of Shri Ram. On the day of Vijayadashami, fairs are held at different places, special events, plays are organized. People go to see Ravan Dahan. However, during Dussehra, there is a huge crowd at these places in the evening.

Due to Corona, people should also take care of safety while going in the crowd. Most of the people have started enjoying all the festivals openly thinking that these festivals come only once in a year. In such a situation, they do not refrain from going to the crowd. But, there are some people who, along with their children themselves, avoid going to very crowded places, taking care of their own safety. Now the question is, how will you enjoy this festival if you do not go out? How will your children be able to see Ravan Dahan? Don’t worry, you can celebrate Dussehra even by staying at home. We are telling you about some ideas to celebrate Dussehra with your family members by staying at home.

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Celebrate Dussehra at home like this

All the elders, children of the house should sit together. Tell each other about the legend behind celebrating Dussehra. Elders know more about these things. Listen to their words. You can also read Ramayana. What is the significance of this great festival? After all, why do people burn the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath every year on Vijayadashami? What is the meaning of burning this ten-headed effigy of Ravana? Why is it said to symbolize the victory of good over evil? If you tell all these things to your children, then they will understand the meaning of celebrating this festival. This wrong feeling will not come in their mind that why people are happy after burning someone.

You can make effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath. Nowadays, even in the school activity, their effigies are being made from the children. If you are not going out, make a small effigy of Ravana by yourself. You can also get mannequin making ideas by watching online videos. You can enjoy Dussehra by lighting it on the park or terrace of your society. But keep in mind that do not fill more bombs and crackers inside the effigy so that no accident happens.

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Another fun way to celebrate Dussehra at home is to prepare a small play based on Ramayana. For this, all the adults and children of the house can be involved. Give children the lead role to play. If you give the role of Hanuman ji to the children, then they will have a lot of fun while acting.

Organize Saraswati Puja at your home. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, art, music and speech. There is a tradition of worshiping Saraswati during Dussehra. It is a better way to teach children about their traditions and religious importance. This puja also teaches children to respect and appreciate their books.

Everyone likes to do the decoration of the house on the festive season. You can also decorate the balcony, hall, main gate of your house by making Rangoli. You can also decorate the house with flowers and lights. If you want, you can also hang artificial flowers. There will be no need to take it off till Diwali. Involve children to do the decorations. Give them a chance to show their creativity in making Rangoli. In such a situation, they will not even insist on going out and your house will also bloom.

Any festival is incomplete without good food. If you are not going to visit Dussehra fair and want to avoid eating outside, then you can make tasty food at home. If children want to eat something special outside, then you make it by watching online videos. Kids happy and you too.

If you want, you can also organize a dandiya party. Dandiya is an integral part of Navratri, which ends on the day of Dussehra. In Dandiya you can invite all your friends, neighbours, children’s friends, office colleagues. Honestly, you’ll have a lot of fun.

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