‘Excess water is beneficial for kidney’… these 5 said and heard things are fatal, know the truth from the doctor


After the age of 50, special care should be taken of the kidney.
To keep the kidney healthy, food and drink should be taken care of.

Kidney Care Myths & Facts: To keep the functioning of our body correct, it is necessary for the kidney to be healthy. When there is a problem in the kidney, the whole system gets spoiled. As we all know, with age, the capacity of all the organs of the body starts decreasing gradually. People try many methods to keep it better. You must have also heard that drinking more water keeps the kidney healthy. Do you know that this is not the truth. You must be surprised to hear, but people often make mistakes regarding kidney care. They believe what they hear from others and end up damaging their kidneys. Today, we will know from the kidney specialist that what are the major misconceptions among the people regarding kidney.

5 big misconceptions about kidney care

1. More water is beneficial for kidney

of New Delhi Dr. Sanjeev Jasuja, Nephrologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital According to our brain works like a computer. When the body needs something, the brain indicates it. When there is a need for water, then one feels thirsty. There is a misconception among people that drinking more and more water is beneficial for the kidneys, but it is not so. Excessive water can harm the kidney. Especially people above 50 years of age should not do this at all. Healthy people should drink water as per their need and keep themselves hydrated. Only people suffering from kidney stone problem are advised to drink more water.

2. Proper urine is a sign of healthy kidney

Dr. Sanjeev Jasuja says that most people think that if proper or more urine is coming, then their kidney is healthy, but this is also a misunderstanding. Many times, even after having kidney disease, proper urine comes. When the disease reaches the advanced stage, problems related to urine begin. That’s why kidney checkup should be done from time to time and urine should not be guessed. However, if you are getting more urine at night, then it can be a sign of trouble.

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3. Uric acid only causes the problem of gout.

According to experts, some people think that due to increase in uric acid, there is only the problem of gout, but high uric acid also starts affecting the kidneys. If you ignore the problem of uric acid for a long time, then kidney damage will start due to this. Many times uric acid increases due to disturbances in kidney function, so in most cases metabolic disorder causes uric acid problem.

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4. Kidney problem is not genetic

Dr. Sanjeev says that there is a misconception about kidney that kidney disease is not genetic, but it is completely wrong. If someone in your house has kidney problem, then you must do a kidney checkup every year. People with family history are more at risk of getting kidney disease. People with a family history of diabetes, blood pressure and autoimmune diseases should also get a kidney checkup done. It will be very beneficial for you.

5. No kidney connection with protein supplements

After joining the gym, many people start taking protein supplements so that they can make a good body. They feel that protein supplement will be beneficial for health, but doing so can prove to be harmful for the kidney. High protein diet and supplements can cause kidney problems. People who are struggling with kidney problems, they should not take protein supplement even by mistake. Although the protein found in fruits and vegetables is not harmful for the kidney.

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