Excessive consumption of added sugar harms health, along with weight gain, the heart can also become ill.


Foods and drinks containing added sugar are high in calories.
Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to tooth decay, which leads to the development of cavities.

Sugar Side Effects: There are many people who like to eat sweet food. Such people get tempted to eat sweets as soon as they see it. Their food definitely includes sweet things in some form or the other. But, do you know that consuming too much sugar can harm health in many ways? Sugar or sugar is a type of simple carbohydrate, which is naturally present in some foods and beverages. Also, they are added to some foods and drinks from above. Let us know what health problems can be caused by consuming too much added sugar-rich foods and drinks.

Sugar is naturally present in many foods.

medicalnewstoday According to a news published in, sugar is naturally present in many foods like dairy products, vegetables, fruits etc. The sugar present in these foods gives them a sweet taste. In such a situation, it is very important that people include these foods in their diet. They also contain many other nutrients, which benefit health in many ways. Nowadays, cereals, cakes, packaged foods and drinks contain added sugar. This sugar causes many health problems.

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How added sugar harms health

lack of nutrients
Adding sugar to any food or drink only increases the amount of calories in it. It does not include any nutritional benefits. The body usually digests these foods and drinks quickly, which means they are not good sources of energy. Foods that contain natural sugar are digested by the body at a slow rate, which also provides energy to the body. Such foods also include other nutrients such as fiber, minerals, many types of vitamins. It is better that you consume fresh fruits, dairy products etc. and not drink packed juices.

weight may increase
If you consume dietary sugar in excess, then your weight may also increase. Many sugary foods and drinks are high in calories, so consuming them in excess daily can increase your weight. Since the body usually digests products containing added sugars more quickly, they are unable to control hunger for a long time. Due to this you eat more and more amount of calories goes to the body.

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increase the risk of getting diabetes
Excess consumption of sugary drinks can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, excessive consumption of sugar does not cause diabetes. If you take a high-calorie diet, then there is a possibility of developing type 2 diabetes. However, in most cases, a high-sugar diet is high in calories. It can also increase the risk of getting diabetes. Especially, those people should avoid its consumption.

Added sugar not good for heart
High-sugar diet is not good for the heart. This also increases the chances of getting heart disease. You should consume those foods in which sugar is naturally present and not added sugar. Sugary drinks also increase the risk of heart disease. This is because the amount of calories in them is very high.

The problem of cavity occurs in the teeth
Consumption of sugar can lead to tooth decay, which can lead to the development of cavities. After eating sugar, the bacteria in the mouth form a thin layer of plaque on the teeth. These bacteria react with the sugars present in foods and beverages. This reaction releases an acid, which can damage the teeth. In this case, at least added sugar should be consumed. It is beneficial for health to consume those foods and drinks, in which sugar is naturally present. While buying any food products, read its level, whether there is no added sugar in it. Consumption of sweets in excess can promote heart disease, weight gain, diabetes etc.

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