Exclusive: After struggling for 10 years, Satyajit Dubey got a new identity, now aspires to become a star power

bollywood actors Satyajit Dubey is ready to entertain the audience once again with his new film ‘Aye Zindagi’. However, this time his style is slightly different from his other films. The film ‘Ae Zindagi’ based on the true incident will make people laugh and cry. The film is releasing on 14 October. Talking to ‘News18.com’ before the release of the film, Satyajit Dubey made many interesting revelations about his personal-professional life and ‘Ae Zindagi’. In this film, he played the character of 26-year-old Vinay Chawla who is suffering from a serious disease like liver cirrhosis. He has also reduced his weight by 10 kg for this role. Read selected excerpts from a conversation with Satyajit Dubey:

Question- Your upcoming film ‘Ae Zindagi’ is based on liver cirrhosis disease, why did you choose this character?
answer: Zee movie is not based on liver cirrhosis. This is the story of a 26 year old boy who comes to know that he has liver cirrhosis. After that it goes into denial mode. Though he slowly accepts things. People come into his life. who gives him hope. The character of Revathi ji is very important in the film who comes in Vinay’s life and gives him hope. Somewhere there is also talk of organ donation. We have threaded it with great love in our story. This film talks about humanity and love. When you go out after watching the film, you will have a smile on your face and there will be positivity in your eyes. I believe so. This film is not entirely about liver cirrhosis.

Question- What difficulties did you face while playing the role of liver cirrhosis patient?
answer: When I signed the film, I had only one month to prepare for it. Usually we stay fit. When I met the director sir, he said that you have to lose a lot of weight. You don’t sound like a liver cirrhosis patient. I had very little time and too much work. I reduced my weight up to 10 kg in a few days. After this, I had to look 30 in some scenes of the film, so for that I again increased the weight. Psychologically and emotionally this is the most difficult experience of my life. During the film, I felt that I had messed up. Now I am looking back, the way people are reacting to the trailer of the film, it is very beautiful. I think I was given a huge responsibility which I tried to fulfill with the team.

Question- What kind of bonding do you have with actress Revathi on the sets? How did you like working with them?
answer: Working with Revathi ma’am is an amazing experience. She is a very accomplished artist. He has won the National Award four times. So somewhere she brings very beautiful other people. His simplicity is his greatness. She works very smoothly and you will know that the shot is complete. I would like to say that there was a spiritual energy going on between us. When you watch the film, you will understand what I am saying. I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to work with him.

Question- You have worked in many TV and films. So, on what basis do you prefer to choose films?
answer: I worked in TV before the year 2011. After that I didn’t do much work. Have worked more in films only. While choosing films, I look at what the characters are, who the people are making and what is their thinking behind them. If a story or character is making me very excited and pushing, I don’t leave it. I give 100% to my character.

Question- Which are your upcoming films, in which you are going to play a challenging role?
answer: Every film is a challenge for you. ‘Ae Zindagi’ is the biggest challenge film for me as an actor so far. After this a science fiction is going to come. The name of the film has not been decided yet. There is Akshara Hassan with me in it. After that there is ‘Mumbai Diaries Season 2’. Apart from this, there is a web show about which I cannot tell much.

Question- How has been your journey in Bollywood so far and what would you like to do next?
answer: My first film came in 2011. After that four films have been released. Has two big web series. My journey so far has been very enjoyable. I feel like my real work has started now. Through OTT or from the film ‘Ae Zindagi’, my new kind of identity is coming out. Trying to do good work in future. I should work with good people and play good characters. Where I can be seen as a versatile actor. I aspire to become a star power with whom every director would like to work.

Question: There is a trend going on in Bollywood these days regarding outside side and in cider. What do you have to say on that?
answer: Look, those who are insiders get the gate pass easily. There is no doubt about it. Those who are outsiders, they get the opportunity a little late and have to struggle too. Some people get the opportunity quickly. Now be it in outside or outside side, ultimately your talent gives you recognition and sometimes it happens that no matter how talented you are, unless you get a good opportunity or a good film, then everything becomes meaningless. Otherwise, I personally do not like to dwell on all these issues. It is important that I focus on myself and work. That’s how I will grow.

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