Exclusive: Bhojpuri actor’s big statement on saffron bikini controversy, said- stop wearing underwear too…?

Monalisa Husband Vikrant Singh On Bhagwa Bikini Controversy: Bhagwa Bikini Controversy, which started with ‘Shameless Rang’ of ‘Pathan’, has created a lot of uproar in the industry. Some are telling it a publicity stunt, while some are telling lies to Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, linking it with religion. Filming a song or sharing a photo in bikini is not new, it has been seen on screen earlier also. But today it has been associated with saffron colour, which has become a big controversy. In Bhojpuri too, the actress has shared a lot of photos in bikini as well as filmed romantic scenes in saffron dress. In such a situation, now Monalisa’s husband and Bhojpuri actor Vikrant Singh have also given their reaction. He said that if this is the case, then we should stop wearing even shoes and underwear.

Actually, Vikrant Singh, who has worked in TV serial ‘Vidya’ including Bhojpuri film ‘Border’, ‘Prem Leela’ and ‘Dulha Albela’, recently talked to News18 Hindi about the saffron bikini controversy and has also kept his candid views. . He said, ‘For me my tricolor is at the top and there are three colors in it. If it is talked like this, then I think that wearing saffron and white clothes should be stopped. Even shoes come in this colour, so they should not come in this way.

Vikrant says about saffron bikini, ‘When talking about saffron color, let me tell you that I like this color very much. If we are talking about this color, then in true sense it should not be worn below the waist. It should not be said, but it is being talked about, so I am saying that many saints and Mahatmas walk wearing it below the waist, which is a natural thing being a human being, don’t they do it. All these things are being done just to stay in the limelight. People themselves are defaming the saffron colour. I think that if such things are happening then it is all just a ploy to remain in the media.

Should stop wearing underwear too- Vikrant
Vikrant further says, ‘I would like to say that our country has a tricolor flag, everyone knows that it has three colours. Nothing is bigger than that for me. If we go to the colour, then there are many things of this colour. Shoes are underwear, then you should stop wearing this too. The anti-Hindu and anti-Muslim things going on these days are being done to bring themselves forward in politics.

Vikrant Singh targeted Mukesh Khanna
Along with this, Vikrant targeted Mukesh Khanna and said, ‘I say that if people talk about protecting the culture of this country, talk about patriotism, then let’s help our soldiers on the border. Feed them and help them in every way, then I will consider them real heroes that you have patriotism and you are protecting your culture.

Vikrant Singh said on giving priority to albums in Bhojpuri
Regarding giving priority to the album instead of the film in Bhojpuri, Vikrant Singh said, ‘Whatever is happening in this industry right now is happening for the very best. What is happening now is that the makers are saying that they want a good looking guy. Need good performer. This is happening now. What used to happen earlier that those people needed a singer. Being an actor, I am enjoying that now these people need a performer. Somewhere this change has come that those people are giving priority to actors and singers are doing their own albums. When I lived in Bhojpuri earlier also, at that time I only followed Ravi Kishan in the industry.

There is a very low level of casteism in Bhojpuri – Vikrant
Regarding casteism in Bhojpuri, Vikrant Singh said that ‘there is a very low level of casteism in this industry. There are very narrow minded people here. Here there is nepotism regarding caste and it has been here first and is still intact. He also said that he would be the first to make this change in the industry.

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