EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hostel Days 3’ is an experience to deal with new aspects of life

Mumbai: The web series ‘Hostel Daze 3’ is all set to entertain the audience with its new season. The last two seasons of this series were quite a hit. Both the seasons got a lot of love from the audience. Now people are excited for the third season of this series. The special thing about this season is that in this season the late comedian Raju Srivastava, who is no more with us today, is going to be seen. Even today his memories are fresh in the minds of people. Raju Srivastava passed away in August this year. After comedy, Raju also wanted to earn a name in the world of OTT.

Recently, the starcast of the web series ‘Hostel Days’ has shared their experiences related to this series in a conversation with News18 Hindi. This third season of ‘Hostel Days’ is going to stream on Amazon Prime on 16 November. Apart from Utsav Sarkar, Nikhil Vijay, Shubham Gaur, Ahsaas Khanna and Ayushi Gupta are playing important roles in this series. In the conversation, Starcast has also shared its experience of working with Raju Srivastava. Along with this, it has also been told that what is going to be special in this season as compared to the previous season.

Team shared shooting experience
Sharing the experience of shooting the third season of ‘Hostel Days’, Shubham Gaur said, “We enjoyed shooting this third season more than the first two seasons. It was not known how the time of the shoot went out. In a way, we all have relived our college life while shooting this series.

This will be special in the third season
When Starcast is asked what will be special in the third season, Luv says, “The third season is like a rollercoaster. There will be many ups and downs in friendship and relationship. Then some changes have also been made in this series. Many new people have also joined. New characters have been entered. Apart from this, there are many such things of this season that make it different from the rest of the season, that you will see in the series.

Experience of working with Raju Srivastava
Luv spoke a lot about the experience of working with the late comedian Raju Srivastava, he said that when he came on the sets on the first day, the whole atmosphere had changed. It had happened that his energy was transferred to all of us. While working with him, it did not feel that we are working with such an experienced person. Sharing the experience of working with Raju Srivastava, Shubham Gaur said that the whole team felt so comfortable working with him that we cannot tell. During that time it seemed as if we had taken a ticket for his show and we were watching his show.

The pressure of success of the remaining two seasons
Shubham Gaur says that if we are not able to enjoy our work then how can someone else do it. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we worked on this series and hope people will like it too. Then if we talk about the pressure, then its remaining two seasons have been hit, so if people have high expectations from the third season, then the pressure increases. Ehsaas Khanna further tells that people have given so much love to the first two seasons, so there is pressure about the third season and there is also some nervousness. But we have tried our best this season also that people like our work.

Remembered college days during shooting
Ahsaas Khanna told that he remembered his college canteen time during the shooting of this season. She often used to spend time with her friends there. At the same time, Ayushi Gupta told that she remembered the time of events during college time because during that time there is a different level of fun in college, during the shoot, all those memories came again in her mind. Utsav further explains that he missed his hostel time a lot. He says that during the shoot, whether it was on camera or off camera, the atmosphere remained the same as the children were brought on tour and all stayed in hostels. To be honest, enjoyed it a lot.

This message will be received from ‘Hostel Days’
Shubham Gaur says that hostel prepares you for life. How do you deal with every situation? How to get yourself out of every trouble. If seen, it tells you how to live life. How do you protect yourself even by staying away from family? Four years of hostel preps you for forty years of life. Overall ‘Hostel Days’ gives you the experience to deal with new aspects of life.

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