Exclusive: Who is this mystery boy in which Khesari Lal’s ‘Pardesiya’ actress is seen? self disclosed

Shweta Mahara Secrets: Actress Shweta Mahara, who has worked with Bhojpuri star Khesari Lal Yadav in the song ‘Pardesiya’, is working with Pawan Singh in the upcoming album these days. He has many projects. Meanwhile, some of his photos have surfaced, in which a man is seen with him, who is being told as his ex-boyfriend (Shweta Mahara Boyfriend). In such a situation, now Shweta herself has revealed about this mystery boy. They News18 Hindi Had a special conversation with

When Shweta Mahara was asked about the boy seen in the photos, she revealed, ‘This is a photo of a show, which is very old and he is a very good friend of mine. The photo that surfaced is 5-6 years old. We took part in a dance together in a show, so this is the picture during this time.’

Pic- Ved Sharma-Shweta Mahara

Is manager Ved Sharma the only husband?
Shweta Mahara was also questioned during this time on the news of her relationship with her manager Ved Sharma. It is being told that her manager Ved Sharma is her husband. In such a situation, the actress clarified on this too and told the truth, ‘I have not married. All I have to say to the media is that I have a manager and he is managing me. If any further updates come, related to the relation, then I will definitely share it with the media. Regarding sharing romantic photos with Ved, Shweta said, ‘We are both business partners too. At the same time, our pair is very much liked. We do anchoring together. If there is chemistry on stage, then we will perform well. People like the pair and if they share the picture, then people bless them. That’s why we share and live together’.

Regarding starting a career in Bhojpuri by not starting a career in Uttarakhandi, Shweta Mahara said, ‘I got an offer from Bhojpuri. At that time I was doing studio and anchoring. At that time it was not thought that I would get a chance to work in albums and songs like this. After entering Bhojpuri, I felt that something should be done for Uttarakhandi too. Regarding doing the first song ‘Pardesiya’ in Bhojpuri with Khesari Lal Yadav, he said, ‘I have very good friends. Had met him a long time ago. He is the director. He himself made the offer. I used to get offers earlier also. But she did not understand the songs, she used to refuse and when she got a chance to work in Pardesiya, she did.

What did Shweta Mahara say on remake songs in Bhojpuri?
During the interview, Shweta Mahara was also questioned about the remake in Bhojpuri. He said, ‘I had remade Hindi songs in all these languages ​​​​Bhojpuri, Haryana and Rajasthan. I like it and people support too. Getting a remake is not a bad thing. Now everyone’s taste is different, if someone understands Bhojpuri, then someone does not. I think making a remake is a wrong thing or is it a big issue.

Shweta Mahara Revealed Facts

Picture- Arvind Akela Kallu-Shweta Mahara.

Did Arvind Akela Kallu fix Shweta Mahara’s fees?
During this, Shweta Mahara was also questioned about a case related to the film ‘Sasurari Zindabad’. She is the second lead actress in this film. It was reported that some other actress was cast in place of Shweta earlier, but Arvind Akela Kallu had recommended Shweta Mahara in her place and even told the fees for the film herself. Shweta’s reaction was also sought on this. He said, ‘Those actresses were not cast but the name was recommended. In this race both he and I were together. I had signed the movie. Many names come up for the film but the decision can be taken on only one. If I have to speak Hindi in the film, then somewhere they must have felt that I fit for that character, so that’s why it was finalized.

At the same time, on the matter of fixing the fees for the film, Shweta said, ‘No-no, there is nothing like that. It is a personal matter that who has decided what. But it is we who decide what to charge for which film. It is not that my fee for the film has been decided by Kallu ji.

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