Explainer: What is immunity, which gives strength to protect from Kovid


Immunity is called the ability that gives the body the power to protect against diseases, that is, to prepare antibodies to fight against diseases.
Some people have the power to fight against certain diseases, while some people get this power through vaccines or food or medicines.
Vaccines have been made to prevent many diseases which once emerged as epidemics in the world.

While the corona has started increasing again in China and many countries of the world, everyone is wishing that they develop immunity regarding the corona. This vaccine gives us immunity anyway. Along with this, our body also has amazing immunity to fight diseases, which the body itself develops. What is this ability, how the body develops it, it should be known.

The body’s natural ability to fight against disease-causing germs (bacteria, viruses, protozoa) and recover after illness is called immunity. The way a person has immunity to a disease, he does not get that disease, while others may get that disease.

Question – How does the body usually fight diseases?
Microbe and Parasite spread many diseases in humans. Disease-causing germs release a type of toxin in the body, which is very complex. In general, the body has a natural power to avoid microbes. At first she does not allow them to enter inside. Other white blood cells kill these microbes. But if their number exceeds that of white blood cells, then these germ-like microbes become fatal for the body, then our white blood cells cannot protect us from them.

Immunity is also of two types – specific and general. Special immunity is also called acquired immunity (symbolic photo- news18)

Question – What are antibodies, how do they fight against viruses?
– Many people have very strong immune systems. There are some antibodies in human blood, which destroys the germs of the disease. One type of antibody can fight the same type of disease causing bacteria.

Question – Are every endibodies different?
Each antibody has different properties. Some antibodies eliminate the effects of viruses or toxins released by microbes. Some of these collect microbes in one place, so that white blood cells can easily attack them. Some more antibodies strangle and kill the bacteria.

Question – What is immunity, how is it obtained?
Sometimes a small amount of antibodies are left permanently in the blood plasma to protect the body from future attacks by viruses or bacteria. Gives people immunity to these diseases. Such people are then called people who have acquired immunity. This resistance is also called immunity.

Question – How many types of immunity are there in general?
Immunity is also of two types – specific and general. Special immunity is also called acquired immunity, which we get through the vaccine to protect against Kovid. They have a period, at that time this acquired immunity saves us. It protects us from certain diseases. Some vaccines create immunity to that disease inside our body for life, while some vaccines are effective only for a fixed time.
Normal immunity generally protects people from diseases. It either kills microbes or stops their growth.

Question – Do we get some immunity automatically since childhood?
Some people have immunity to fight against some diseases since childhood. It is believed that this immunity has developed naturally in them by birth. Such people do not become victims of many types of epidemics.

Question – Is it true that once a disease has occurred, it will not happen again?
Science says that normally once a disease is contracted by a person, it does not happen again in most of the life. Although there are exceptions to this, which were seen in Corona. However, it also happens that the disease that has occurred once, when it occurs for the second time, its intensity is not visible to the body as much, the body also combats them in a better way than before. Whoever gets smallpox once, it does not happen again, because the body makes so many antibodies against them that it can protect it for life.

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Any person can increase his immunity by treating antigen. This is called artificial immunity. Vaccine does the same thing (image-canva)

Question – How does a vaccine work?
– Any person can increase his immunity by treating antigen. This is called artificial immunity. Generally, in the vaccine given to the body, weak viruses of the same disease are delivered inside the body so that when the time comes, they will be able to fight the virus of that disease.

Question – Is the vaccine prepared from the same virus itself?
Let’s understand it through smallpox vaccine. The smallpox vaccine was prepared by Edward Jenner. It is prepared by injecting smallpox virus into the blood of a calf or horse. It becomes weak after going into the blood of a calf or a horse. This weakened virus is collected in the form of a vaccine. Then this vaccine is delivered to the human body. Usually, vaccines are made from the virus by weakening, inactivating or killing it.

Question – How do you get immunity after getting vaccinated?
This is the reason why when we get a vaccine, we have to face a fever-like condition for a day or two due to the entry of the weakened virus into the body. Because this virus is weak, so when the virus of that disease reaches the body, its presence in the body makes antibodies. Which acts as immunity against small pox for many years.

Question – How effective is the vaccine against Corona?
Now such vaccines have been made for all diseases, which were once epidemics, due to which lakhs of crores of people died, but now after getting their vaccine, those diseases are no longer fatal. At present, the vaccine that has come on Corona also gives the ability of antibodies for some time only, but it is expected that with the research that is going on, we will definitely get such a vaccine which will give us the ability to fight against this disease for life.

Question – What is herd immunity, why was it mentioned a lot in the era of Corona?
By the way, there has been a lot of talk about a third immunity in the era of Corona, which is called herd immunity. Herd immunity is an indirect defense against infectious diseases. This happens when a population or group of people develops immunity against the vaccine, either after getting vaccinated or after recovering from the infection. This collective immunity of the group is called herd immunity.

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