Explainer: Why daily bath is not good for health, science says it is harmful


Science believes that if you take a bath everyday then you are harming yourself as well as your immunity.
Taking a hot water bath everyday can damage your nails.
Excessive bathing harms the defense system of our human body.

Generally, the people of India are counted among the maximum bathers in the world. Due to religious beliefs, the average Indian takes a bath almost daily. Because they feel that by doing this their body and mind not only gets refreshed, but by doing so they purify their body. Many Indians bathe daily because they believe that bathing is essential for daily worship. But science says something else.

Science believes that if you take a bath everyday, then you are doing harm to yourself and also reducing your immunity. Skin specialists from all over the world believe that if you are not bathing everyday in the cold, then you are doing well. Excessive bathing can harm our skin. By the way, everyone likes to take daily bath in summers, but bathing in winters is no less than a challenge.

It has been proved in many studies that the skin has a better ability to clean itself. If you do not go to the gym or do not sweat daily, do not live in dust and soil, then it is not necessary for you to take a bath daily.

Bathing with hot water also causes harm.
If you take bath with hot water for a long time in winter, then it is going to cause more harm than benefit. This can make the skin dry. This removes the natural oil of the body. This natural oil of the body is very important for all of us. It also acts as an immunity booster. According to science, this oil helps in keeping you moisturized and protected.

Bathing removes the natural oils of the skin, due to which the good bacteria are also removed. Because of this, the immunity of your skin starts to weaken.

Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell, Assistant Professor at George Washington University (Washington DC, US), says that bathing removes the natural oils of the skin, which also removes good bacteria. These bacteria also support the immune system. That’s why in winter we should take bath only two or three days in a week.

According to a study by the Genetics Science Center of the American University The University of Utah, “Excessive bathing harms the defense system of our human body. The abilities to fight against germs and viruses become weak. The ability to digest food and separate vitamins and other nutrients from it is also affected.

Nails also get damaged
Bathing with hot water everyday also damages your nails. While taking a bath, your nails absorb water. Then they become soft and break. This also removes the natural oil, due to which they become dry and weak.

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There is a natural oil in our body. Which also works to keep the body healthy, but it can be removed by bathing daily.

Damage to nails too- Bathing with hot water daily can harm your nails. Nails absorb water while bathing, due to which their natural shine and smoothness can be reduced. Due to this, the possibility of drying and weakening of the nail increases.

Dr. Aline Larson, an infectious disease specialist at Columbia University, did a study, “Daily bathing makes the skin dry and weak. Due to this, the risk of infection increases very fast. That’s why one should not bathe everyday.

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People of India, Japan and Indonesia are counted among the most bathers in the world.

Bath decides on many aspects
The habit of bathing depends more on a person’s mood, temperature, climate, gender and social pressure. Apart from religious reasons in India, a big reason is also the availability of water. But it is also true that many times in India the reason for bathing is just social pressure.

India at the forefront of bathing
In a recent survey, it was found that people of India, Japan and Indonesia are far ahead among the top countries in the world in terms of bathing. In many researches of America and western countries, it is proved that daily bathing is not just a waste of water, but it is also harmful physically and mentally.

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