Explore Italy, the country of adventure and art, must visit these 13 places

Italy Travel Guide: If you want a great vacation and are thinking of planning your vacation outside India, then Italy can be the best option for you. Especially if you are planning a vacation to spend a good time with your partner, then there are many such places in Italy that can help in making your beautiful moments memorable. Its magnificent historical monuments, beautiful artifacts, unprecedented architecture, beautiful beaches, picturesque climate can win anyone’s heart.

Italy, the world’s most romantic country, is also known worldwide for its lifestyle and food. So let’s know what are such things in Italy and which are the places where you can enjoy and make your vacation memorable.

famous food of italy

If you do not taste the delicious food here by going to Italy, then your departure will be considered incomplete. Yes, food lovers from all over the world reach here to eat Pizza, Botterga, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Ribolita, Polenta, Osobucco, Risotto, Carbonara and Truffles etc.

best time to visit italy

The months of April to June and September to October are considered the best to visit Italy. In this season there is no crowd here and the weather is also good.

Italy’s top tourist destinations

Colosseum Rome
The Colosseum Roman Arena in Rome is the largest amphitheater in the world. It was started by the Flavian king Vespasian in the 72nd century and finished by his son Titus in the 80th century. More than 50,000 spectators can watch a performance at the Colosseum arena. There are 80 entrances to enter this building.

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Grand Canal Venice
One of the most special tourist places in Italy is Venice, which is a very romantic place. The city of Venice has a waterway named Grand Canal which is the main waterway of the city. Because of this the city is known as “The City of Water”. If you want a romantic atmosphere then definitely come here.

Santa Maria del Fiore Florence
Santa Maria del Fiore, located in the city of Florence, is one of the most beautiful churches in the world, which is in the center of this city. The Vasilica Church here is counted among the largest churches in Italy. The beauty of this place can enthrall you.

Piazza del Campo Siena
The Piazza del Campo of Siena, Italy, is famous worldwide for its beauty and this place is also known as the most historical center of Tucson. Here you can also enjoy horse race which is organized twice a year.

City of Pompeii
The city of Pompeii is a city located in the southeast of Italy that was turned into a ruin due to a volcanic eruption years ago. The whole city was buried in ashes in this explosion. This city was excavated in 1200 years, which gave information about the life of the people here. Let us tell that every year more than 25 lakh tourists come to visit this city.

City of Pasitano (Positano)
The city of Passitano is a small town in Italy located on the Amalfi Coast in a mountainous region. The beauty of this place can be read in the works of many writers. Truly this city can mesmerize you.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
One of the most famous towers in the world is the Tower of Pisa, which was built in 177 years and was completed in 296 steps. If you go to Italy, then definitely go to see it.

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San Gimignano
San Gimignano is a small village in Tuscany, Italy, which is world famous for its 14 stone tower. This place is also very popular among tourists.

Valley Of The Temple
If you are interested in history, then you must have known about this Valley of the Temple in Italy. It is located in the Sicilian Valley where there are many Greek temples which are more than 2400 years old.

St. Mark’s Basilica Venice
A must-see in the city of Venice is the Church of St. Mark’s Basilica, which was built in the 11th century. St. Mark’s Basilica Church, a sightseeing place in Italy, was built in the 11th century, which is visited by millions of tourists to see.

Pizza Napoletana
If you are a foodie then you must definitely visit this city of Italy. The world’s best pizza is found here because pizza originated from this place.

Verona Arena
The city of Verona is known worldwide for its love story. You will feel an exciting experience in the city famous for Romeo and Juliet.

City of Herculaneum
The city of Herculaneum was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption about 2000 years ago. Even today its remains have been preserved very well. You must reach this destination once.

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