Eyesight is not reduced only by diabetes, these 9 major diseases can also knock


There may be weakness, blurred vision in the eyes even before the brain stroke.
Lack of vitamin A also causes weakness in the eyes.
Even after Kovid, eye problems have come to the fore in many people.

Weak Eyesight Causes: Nowadays, wearing glasses on the eyes at a young age has become a common practice. Changed lifestyle is usually the reason for this. However, sometimes weakening of the eyesight can also be an early sign of some major disease. You may be shocked to know this, but it is a fact. Most people know that due to diabetes, the eyesight becomes weak, but apart from this, there are many other major diseases whose initial symptoms include weakening of the eyesight. In such a situation, ignoring them when the eyes are weak can be heavy at times.
Many people start feeling blurred in the eyes for a few moments, this can also be a sign of some serious disease. The same can happen to people who wear glasses. Indore health department Civil Surgeon and Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Pradeep Goyal According to this, blurring or weakness of the eyes should not be taken lightly. This can be the beginning symptom of many diseases.

Eye becomes weak in these diseases

Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that affects many parts of the body. Due to this the eyes also start getting weak. Patients with type 1 and type 2 have weak eyes and sometimes the problem of blurred vision persists. Due to increased sugar in the blood, the blood vessels present in the retina get damaged and this leads to weak eyesight.

blood pressure – Nowadays blood pressure is seen as a common disease. But sometimes it also proves to be fatal. Due to the lack of blood pressure control, its effect can also be seen at the eye site. In such a situation, if the eyes become weak rapidly or sometimes blurriness is seen, then blood pressure should also be checked.

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Autonomous diseases – Generally people understand that eyesight is weak due to diabetes, but it is not so at all. The reason for this can also be many autonomous diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease etc.

computer vision syndrome Due to continuous working on mobile, laptop, blurring, weakness starts in the eyes. Later on, it can become the cause of computer vision syndrome disease. Apart from this, post covid side effects can also be the reason for sudden weakening of the eyes.

Thyroid – Like diabetes, there is also a problem of glaucoma in the thyroid. This has a direct effect on the eyesight. One of the early symptoms of thyroid disease is blurred vision.

brain stroke- Sometimes our eyesight can be weak or even worse due to brain stroke. Sometimes there may be blurring of the eyes even before the brain stroke occurs. In such a situation, it is not right to ignore the weakness of the eyes.

cancer – Like other parts of the body, eye cancer also occurs. In case of eye cancer, its very early symptoms are reduced eyesight and blurred vision. In such a situation, if the eyesight is weak, the doctor’s advice should be taken.

Eye infection- Due to the weakening of our eyes or suddenly blurred vision, sometimes eye infections can also happen. The cornea is affected due to infection. Sometimes it is very harmful.

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Vitamin A deficiency A major reason for the weakening of the eyes is also the lack of Vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A plays an important role in improving the functioning of the immune system. In such a situation, the lack of vitamin A can also become the reason for the weakening of the eyes.

Keep these things in mind to keep eyes healthy
In case of loss of eyesight, one should not be careless in seeking medical advice. Dr. Pradeep Goyal According to this, we can maintain the health of our eyes by taking care of small things. Diabetes patients should always keep sugar under control. Along with this, keep blood pressure under control. Adequate amount of water should be drunk throughout the day and while working on laptop or mobile, even if there is no number glasses, even without number glasses should be kept. Along with this, eye examination should be done every 6 months.

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