Father’s Day: Muzzic Box’s new song ‘Thank you’ dedicated to fathers around the world

Mumbai : A father is called by different names in different languages ​​of the world. But every father has only one purpose and that is to take good care of his child and fulfill his every little wish. In such a situation, he silently bears every pain, every trouble, but even the thought of compromising on the bright future of his child does not come in his mind. Despite all this, there is no discussion about the importance of father and his sacrifice in the life of a child. In such a situation, remembering all the fathers on behalf of Muzzic Box, a special song has been released for them titled ‘Shukriya’.

It is clear from the title of the song that this song is a great attempt to thank fathers across the world for their contribution towards children.

‘father’s Day’ (Father’s DayThe music video ‘Shukriya’ released on the occasion shows how Raman Agarwal is always busy in his professional life. Raman, who is soon going to become a father in personal life, has to go out frequently in connection with his work and in such a situation he has to stay away from his family and his wife Radha Agarwal for several days.

Despite being very attached to family and wife, Raman is unable to spend much time with his wife and family. Despite not wanting, he has to leave his pregnant wife Radha and go out for a long time in connection with work. In such a delicate time, this distance between the two makes both of them very disappointed.

Raman realizes this
Due to modern technology, both of them stay in touch with each other, but due to not being physically close to each other, both of them feel these distances a lot. In such a situation, Raman realizes one day that the child coming in his life is going to prove to be the most important event of his life and that is why one day he will leave his wonderful job and return to his life. The pregnant wife returns to Radha to take care of him.

Father’s love is selfless
The increasingly popular ‘Thank you’ captures the beautiful feeling of being a father in a very poignant manner, narrating how when a father makes great sacrifices for his child, his There are no conditions and his love is selfless. This song is sung by Shivang Mathur and he himself has composed the music, while Shayra Apoorva has sung this song in her own words.

‘The real superheroes of life are fathers’
Speaking about the song released on the occasion of Father’s Day, Mehak Choudhary, Founder of Muzzic Box and who is rapidly making her mark as an actor, said, “This day is the most special day of our life. Fathers are the real superheroes of our life, who give us the biggest lesson to fight and move forward in life. In such a situation, let us all celebrate Father’s Day together and say ‘Thank you’ to him together. This is the reason why our company ‘Muzzic Box’ has released a song named ‘Thank you’ dedicated to all the fathers of the world. All sons and daughters can dedicate this song to their respective fathers by saying ‘Thank you’.”

Mehak Chaudhary remembers the moments spent with his father
Sharing happy memories of the moments spent with her father, Mehak Choudhary says, “I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to my father, who always took care of me and always showed unwavering faith in me. Papa, I will work hard to fulfill your dreams and will never let your faith break. You are a strong pillar of this relationship and also the biggest reason for me to keep laughing. You taught me to fight and get up after falling. I will always be grateful to you papa.”

‘Father has to sacrifice the most’
Santosh Parab, Member of the Board of Directors of Muzzic Box said on this occasion, “Father is a person who has to sacrifice the most in the world, but the world does not understand his sufferings properly. He is never even said ‘thank you’ for his contribution to the family and upbringing of the children. In such a situation, we have introduced the song ‘Thank you’, dedicating it to all the fathers of the world. On this special occasion, I want to say ‘thank you’ wholeheartedly to my father. Thank you so much papa for always supporting me and loving me.”

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