Fear with Money: If your negative thoughts towards money are the gift of childhood, improve it like this

Fear with Money, Mental Health: Everyone’s perspective about money is very different. It is not possible to imagine living life without money. People give importance to money in different ways, but there are some people whose relationship with money is very tense. His relationship with money is quite a struggle. Many times people start thinking that what they got or earned was not worth it. Such thoughts spoil your relationship with money.

times of India Trauma resolution expert and psychotherapist Dr. Gaurav Deka says that one of the biggest reasons for bad relationships with money is our childhood experiences. What we see and hear in childhood or the behavior we see towards money affects our thinking.

Dr. Deka explains that we have no transactional relationship with money, rather than an emotional connection. This is because when we are kids and money becomes a part of our emotional landscape and our brain starts thinking about money in different ways and from that stage our emotional connection gets attached.

Linking childhood events to money
According to Dr. Deka, whatever happens to us in childhood, we begin to associate it with money, whether it is happiness, sadness, guilt, anger, or even a feeling of pain and shame. Are. All these emotions affect our attitude about money.

social behavior a big factor
According to health experts, many times the crime committed by people has its roots in their childhood experience. Many times, strange thoughts about money start coming from childhood, the reason behind this is the social and family behavior done with them. When a child is told many times in childhood that ‘you don’t deserve it’, ‘you didn’t deserve what you got’, ‘you will have to work harder to get it’, such things in the mind of that child are like money. Gives rise to negative thinking.

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If a child pays attention to and accepts these social family statements, they remain in the mind even after he grows up. Even when he achieves something, he feels that what he got is not worth what he deserved.

creating fear with money
Often people develop a sense of fear along with money. If you always think that you are short of money and that if they spend the money then they may have to face the problems of lack of money. This kind of fear is also ingrained in our mind since childhood, which can give you stress all your life.

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In childhood itself, the child starts listening and understanding such things in his home. This fear in the children starts growing from seeing the mentality of the elders of the family who always talked about lack of money. He would often show in front of the children that he did not have enough money and that he should not spend the ones that are. Such scenes seen in childhood affect people till they grow up and such people are always immersed in the worry of lack of money.

How to strengthen relationship with money
To strengthen your relationship with money, Dr. Deka gave two important suggestions.

  • To improve your strained relationship with money, the most important and important thing is to know what emotion you have with money. You have to recognize that the worst that can happen to you is money.
  • You also need to know from whom you have learned all the feelings you have created for money. Did they meet you with your grandfather, did they meet your parents, did they meet your siblings. Once you discover this, you will understand exactly that what you are thinking is not your thinking. In this way you can change yourself.

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