Film Review: This time ‘Interceptor’ did a good job in Save America campaign

‘Interceptor’ Film Review: See the misfortune of Matthew Reilly, who has sold more than 7 million copies of his novels in 20 languages, that when he wrote his first book in 1996 at the age of 19, not a single publisher across Australia was ready to hand over that book. happened. Somehow Mathew published 1000 copies of this book by taking a loan from the bank, out of which one copy was in the hands of Kate Patterson of Pan Macmillan.

Mathew’s fortunes took a turn and from that day onwards he did not look back. Millions of readers eagerly wait for the books of Matthew, who lives in Australia. Most of his books are action thrillers and the hero has to solve various puzzles and reach his destination in the toughest of situations. Plans to make a film and web series on Mathew’s books have been in the works for many years, after the premature death of his wife, Mathew left Australia and moved to Los Angeles.

Waiting to see his books being released on the screen, Mathew did not like anything, so he wrote a story called “The Interceptor”. Netflix has brought this story to the screen. The film is excellent. If you are a fan of Mathew rally then have a look. America is the only country in the world, according to the films there, where every day some holocaust is bound to happen, then a citizen rises up and saves America by facing all the troubles.

In the Save America campaign, sometimes volcanoes and sometimes dreaded sharks, sometimes aliens and sometimes enemy countries… are intent on destroying America. This enemy in the interceptor is Russia. To deal with the nuclear missile of its arch-rival, the US has deployed anti-missiles in two places. One is in Alaska and the other is an unknown location located in the middle of the ocean. As soon as it is detected that a nuclear missile has been launched like Russia, an anti-missile is launched from either of these two locations, which collides with the nuclear missile and destroys it in the air.

Some terrorists enter the Alaska location and kill everyone and burn the entire system by pouring acid. On the other hand, another group of these terrorists steals 16 nuclear missiles of Russia and targets different cities of America. Now all the responsibility lies with the maritime center to stop the missile of Russia. Captain JJ Collins (Elsa) stationed at the Maritime Station, with his bravery, courage and sharp mind, confronts Alexander Kessel (Luke), a terrorist who has captured the center and also manages to release an anti-missile from the Maritime Center to intercept a Russian missile. Succeeds.

Elsa Pataky has been seen by Indian viewers as Dwayne Johnson’s partner in the series ‘Fast and Furious’. Elsa’s husband, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, is known to Marvel fans as “Thor”. Among the few important roles in Elsa’s career, which has done theater, modeling, web series and a few films, the most powerful role is that of Captain JJ Collins in Interceptor. Elsa’s work is strong in this action-packed role. He prepared himself for action by practicing for 5 hours a day for several days. The film also stars her husband Chris Hemsworth in a guest appearance. The role of Villain is played by Luke Bracey. The role that came in his part was properly discharged.

Indian audiences will find an Indian character in it, Corporal Rahul Shah played by Mayen Mehta. Rest of the actors have nothing special to do. George Liddle has done excellent production design of the film. An anti-missile launch center in the middle of the sea and its entire structure is not conceived for the first time but the set of this film seems a bit believable. Almost 95% of the films have been shot on a single set so that the budget does not become too much. Rowan Maher’s editing keeps the audience hooked and does not let the thrill go anywhere.

This is the first film of writer Matthew Reilly as a director. His script was liked by everyone but the producers were not ready to give him the command as a director. Somehow everyone agreed to do the film and Mathew’s debut was successful. Abuse is the jewel of every American film and it is more so in action movies. The same thing happened in this film. The fans of Mathew Rally should immediately go to Netflix and watch this movie. America is once again in danger, that too with the missiles of Russia.

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