First of all, diseases related to these parts of the body surround obese people, many are fatal

New Delhi. The American Medical Association declared many years ago that obesity is a disease. At the same time, WHO also accepted obesity as a serious global problem, but there is still no special awareness about it in India. Obesity is a common practice here and it is associated with the happiness and prosperity of the house. Whereas health experts say that due to obesity, the number of diseases is increasing here. The reason for this is that diseases surround obese people first. Many of these diseases are such in which the patient’s life can also be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps against obesity.

Endocrine Society of India former president and Endocrinologist Dr. Sanjay Kalra It is said that first of all it is necessary to accept about obesity that it is a disease. After that it needs to be treated. Obesity is not a stand-alone disease, it carries with it more than 200 types of diseases which are associated with different departments or organs of the body. Many of these diseases are so dangerous that not only can they change the whole life standard, but their mortality is also very high. These diseases arising due to obesity include both physical and mental diseases.

These are the major diseases caused by obesity
Dr. Kalra says that people suffering from obesity do not only struggle with obesity but are the first to fall prey to these 9 types of diseases. Many research and studies have also revealed that obesity today

metabolic diseases
These diseases include diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, gallstones, fatty liver or liver enlargement etc.

musculoskeletal or muscular diseases
These include major diseases like joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sarcopenic obesity etc.

psychologic or mental illnesses
Obesity is directly related to mental diseases. If someone is obese then he is most likely to have mental problems, whereas if someone is suffering from mental diseases then he can be a victim of obesity. This category includes depression, anxiety, social stigma, eating disorders, sleeplessness or poor sleep.

Mirror or cosmetic problems
In obese people, the complaint of having freckles i.e. hyperpigmentation on the face also increases, even if they lose a little weight, many marks remain on the face and body. Apart from this, there may also be a problem of rashes, itching, watery etc.

Malignancy ie breast cancer, endometrial
By the way, due to obesity, there is a possibility of 13 types of cancer. Apart from this, the risk of developing certain types of cancer such as breast cancer in women and endometrial cancer in the uterus increases more.

Maternity or menstrual diseases
Due to obesity, women face problems in conceiving. Infertility complaints can arise, apart from this, diseases like polycystic ovary syndrome can also occur.

Masculinity diseases
Due to obesity, the quality of sperm in people decreases. It is also called oligospermia ie oligospermia. Sperm is less produced in obese people. Apart from this, there can be a disease of hypogonadism in men. In this, men complain of more fatigue. There is no energy left for any work. It can also be a symptom of depression.

high risk of mortality
Mortality increases due to fatal diseases caused by obesity. Whether it is heart related or any other organ related.

Money related problems ie spending more on health
When obesity increases, people spend more on reducing it, from food to medicines. At the same time, if there is any other disease, they spend money in treatment. Their expenditure on health increases.

Start the initiative today to get rid of obesity
Dr. Kalra says that do not wait for any time to get rid of obesity, but from today and now, get ready to win over it. Not only the people but also the society needs to contribute in this. Not only adults but also the obesity of young children needs attention. It is necessary to avoid junk food, fast food. From nutritious food to diet, all people need to do yoga, exercise, hard work etc. Be as stress free as possible. Apart from this, if obesity is increasing due to any disease, then there is a need to immediately visit an endocrinologist or health specialist.

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