Forensic Review: Making a remake does not mean forgetting the grammar of the film

Special attention is paid to novelty of story in Malayalam films. His characters are out of the ordinary life, so the dramatization is absolutely negligible. In Malayalam film scripts also the mental states of the characters are created with utmost credibility so that every work done by them does not seem alien and clumsy from their characters. What I don’t understand is what happens when a Hindi remake of a wonderful Malayalam psychological thriller film becomes necessary to tamper with the story, the characters find it difficult to believe and the script is too formulaic. No attempt is made to escape. In such a situation, the film “Forensics” is made. Director Vishal Furia has made the same mistakes in this film which a common director makes. The story of the film is of a new kind but its treatment is a bit sloppy and gets defeated because of the little cast. This film, released on Zee 5, is well worth watching if you want to watch a new type of film, but why should you watch the Hindi remake, its original and Malayalam language version will be available on Netflix. You see it with the sub-title, Far More Dangerous.

The film begins with Johnny Khanna (Vikrant Massey) being called in to conduct a forensic investigation into a murder. Forensic investigation is a very serious subject. Evidence is collected by examining every corner. In English films, forensic experts investigate the crime scene so closely that they clear the way for the police to reach the criminal. Vikrant is a forensic expert who reaches the crime scene while dancing and reciting a poem after seeing the dead body of a woman lying on the bed – Johnny Johny, Yes Darling. While reciting such a poem, he also investigates the crime scene and declares that woman’s husband as a criminal. Case solved, ending of Johnny’s poem – Open your mouth, hahaha. So far it seems that Vikrant is a very talented specialist and is not happy with the functioning of the police, so jokingly solves the case. Unfortunately, in the entire upcoming two-hour film, Vikrant becomes very serious, behaves like a cheap detective (spouse character probe) and doesn’t profit a single rupee throughout the story.

Megha (Radhika Apte) is the heroine of the film. Vikrant has an old sweetheart and keeps on kissing him all the time, but after the suicide of his sister, Vikrant’s sister-in-law, there is tension in their relationship. Radhika is also an honest police inspector and is also the guardian of her niece i.e. Vikrant’s niece. When Radhika Apte made her debut on screen, she used to be in the news because of her bold roles. His acting talent has always been in doubt. His acting in this film is completely random, flat and his expressions also do not match the story. Radhika desperately needs to find herself. She looks the same in each of her films. Being a police inspector in Dehradun has nothing to do with his acting. Even in his dialogue delivery, there is little coordination with the emotions.

Prachi Desai’s character is good. Ananth Mahadevan’s character is meaningless. Vindu Dara Singh has appeared on screen after a long time and controversy and has become the Hanuman of the Ram-Sita pair of Vikrant-Radhika. They do not understand whether they have to be serious or do comedy. Rohit Roy is in the role of Vikrant’s elder brother, whose name is Abhay, but it is difficult to understand why Vikrant’s name is Johnny. The forensic expert is shown in the film a variety of equipment, even a handful of 3-D printers. When the film gets stuck at one place, another forensic expert and his well-equipped lab are also shown. Now the fun thing. The name of this forensic specialist is Dr. Solanki. This character is played by Narendra Gupta, who is the television’s super-serial C.I.D. I also become a forensic specialist and his name is Dr. Salunke. The flight of the author’s imagination does not stop here. In one scene, Dr. Solanki looks at Vikrant with pride and says “Tod the door”, that is, now Vikrant is expected to do the work of Inspector Daya Shetty. There is a severe lack of creativity in the writer’s troupe Adhir Bhat (Bandish Bandits), Ajit Jagtap (Bali) and Vishal Kapoor (Chori, Attack). There is another very sloppy dialogue in the film – even if someone buys new underwear in this city, everyone knows its color. Instead of this lousy dialogue, this film could have been made.

Vishal Furia’s direction falls short of average when he dares to deviate from the Malayalam film. Malayalam Forensics was directed by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan, whose first film was this. Vishal has made a film before this but has missed this one. Vikrant’s character will do comedy, will be an excellent forensic expert and then suddenly become serious. The mystery of the murder of little girls is to be solved in the film, but no one tells why only girls, why no small children? There are many evidences which show that the height of the killer is short, then Inspector Megha starts to catch the dwarf people of the city. When Vikrant has to enter the house, Vindu Dara Singh drives away fellow policemen. The director has the right to reject the childish script, but this time Vishal did not do anything like this. The film also has music by Adrija Gupta. There are so many absurd songs, so many outlandish songs that not a single one is remembered or leaves any impression. The importance of background music has also been sidelined in the psychological thriller. Anshul Choubey’s cinematography has removed the beauty of the entire Dehradun. Most of the shooting has been done inside the rooms. Abhijit Deshpande’s editing also has many shortcomings, but the little interest that arises in the film is only because of the editing.

Forensic’s Malayalam original is accurate, logical and none of the scenes or characters are random. All these are flaws in Hindi forensics. Vikrant alone could not bear the burden of the film and no film could be left on Radhika. You can watch the film on weekends, although there is no guarantee that it will look good.

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