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Famous writer Premchand was born on 31st July. Listen to the podcast of his story ‘Kafan’ on News18 Hindi.

I welcome Pooja Prasad to the special podcast of News18 Hindi. Friends, today on 31st July we are celebrating Premchand’s birthday. Two of his many classic stories- ,pus ki raat, And ,triad character, You have already listened to the podcast of News18 Hindi on the platform. Let’s hear his story todaycoffin’,

At the entrance of the hut both the father and the son are sitting quietly in front of an extinguished bonfire and inside the son’s young wife Budhia was overtaking in labor pains. From time to time, such a heart-shaking voice came out of his mouth, that both of them used to hold their heart. It was a winter night, nature was engulfed in silence, the whole village was engulfed in darkness.

Ghisu said – it is known, it will not survive. Been running all day, go see it and come.

Madhav angrily said – you have to die, why don’t you die soon? What to do by viewing?

‘You are very heartless! So much infidelity with the one with whom he lived happily throughout the year!’

‘So I do not see his torment and tossing hands and feet.’

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If Ghisu worked for one day, he would rest for three days. Madhav was such a work-thief that if he worked for half an hour, he would drink chillum for an hour. That’s why they didn’t get employed anywhere. If there was even a handful of grains in the house, I had vowed to work for them. When there were two or four cracks, Ghisu would climb the tree and pluck the wood and Madhav would sell it from the market, and as long as he had money, both of them would roam here and there. There was no dearth of work in the village. There was a village of farmers, there were fifty jobs for a hardworking man. But he would have called both of them at the same time, when there was no other option but to be satisfied even after getting one job from two men. If both were sages, they would have absolutely no need for contentment and patience, restraint and rule. It was their nature. He had a strange life! There is no property in the house except two or four earthen pots. They used to live by covering their nakedness with torn rags. Free from the worries of the world, laden with debt. He used to abuse, also used to kill, but there is no sorrow. Deen so much that even if there was no hope of recovery, people used to give them some loan or the other. In the crop of peas, potatoes, they would uproot peas or potatoes from the fields of others and eat them after frying, or they would uproot ten or five trees and suck at night. Ghisu cut off the age of sixty from this sky-vritti and Madhav was also following in the footsteps of the father like a son-in-law, but was exposing his name even more. Even at this time, both of them were roasting potatoes sitting in front of the bonfire, which had been dug from some field. Ghisu’s woman had passed away for a long time. Madhav’s marriage had taken place the year before. Ever since this woman had come, she had laid the foundation of the system in this family and used to take care of these two idiots. Ever since she came, both of them had become more comfortable. Rather some stuttering was also started. If someone called to do work, he would have asked for double the wages with a self-respect. The same woman was dying today due to labor pains and both of them were waiting for her to die, then sleep peacefully.

Ghisu took out the potatoes and peeled them and said – Go and see, what is his condition? Witch will create mess, what else? Here even the shaman asks for a rupee!

Madhav was afraid that if he went to the cell, Ghisu would clean a large part of the potatoes. Said – I am afraid to go there.

‘What are you afraid of, I am here.’

‘Then don’t you go and see?’

‘When my woman died, I couldn’t even move from her for three days; And then will you be ashamed of me or not? The one whose face has never been seen, today I will see his disfigured body! He will not even care about his well-being? If you look at me, you will not be able to slap your hands and feet openly!’

‘I wonder if someone has a child, what will happen? Dry ginger, jaggery, oil, there is nothing in the house!’

‘Everything will come. God give it! Those who are not paying a single paisa now, they will call tomorrow and give money. I had nine boys, there was never anything in the house; But God somehow crossed the raft.

In a society in which the condition of those who worked day and night was not much better than their condition, and those who knew how to take advantage of the infirmities of the peasants, were far more prosperous than the peasants, this kind of attitude was born there. It was no surprise that it happened. We would say, Ghisu was more thoughtful than the peasants and instead of joining the no-thought group of farmers, had joined the ill-fated congregation of sitters. Yes, he did not have the power to follow the rules and policies of the meetingmen. Therefore, the whole village used to point fingers at him where other people of his congregation had become the headman and head of the village. Yet he was sure that if he was torn, at least he would not have to put in the hard work of the peasants, and others would not take undue advantage of his ingenuity and innocence! After taking out both the potatoes, they started eating it burning. Hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday. I was not patient enough to let it cool down. Many times both of their tongues got burnt. When peeled, the outer part of the potato would burn the tongue, face and palate, and it was better to keep that ember in the mouth than to reach inside. There was plenty of stuff there to cool him down. So both would soon swallow. However, in this effort, tears would come out of his eyes.

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Ghisu remembered Thakur’s baraat at that time, which he had gone to twenty years ago. The satisfaction that he had received in that feast was a thing to remember in his life, and even today his memory was fresh, he said, he does not forget the feast. Since then again that kind of food was not available again. The girls had fed puris to everyone’s stomach, everyone! Big and small ate puris and real ghee! Chutney, raita, three types of dry greens, a juicy vegetable, curd, chutney, sweets, now what should I tell what taste was found in that feast, there was no restriction, whatever you want, ask, eat as much as you want. People ate in such a way, ate in such a way that no water was drunk from anyone. But those who are serving, put hot, round-round flavored shortbreads in the plate. They say that they should not, their hands are kept on the plate, but they are given. And when everyone washed their faces, then betel-cardamom was also found. But I was not in a position to take paan. I was unable to remain in the standing posture. Went quickly and lay down on his blanket. That Thakur was so heart-wrenching!

Madhav, enjoying these things in his mind, said – Now no one feeds us such a meal.

‘What will someone feed now? That era was another. Now everyone knows the economy. Do not spend in simple marriage, do not spend in rituals. Ask, where will you collect and store the goods of the poor? There is no shortage of will in raking the moolah. Yes, the cost is economical!’

‘You must have eaten twenty puris?’

‘Ate over twenty!’

‘I would have eaten fifty!’

‘I would not have eaten less than fifty. It was well cooked. You are not even half of me.

After eating potatoes, both of them drank water and while wearing their dhotis in front of the bonfire, they slept with their feet in their stomach. Like two big pythons have been killed by Gendulia.

And Budhia was still moaning.

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