Friendship Day 2022: Read Dushyant Kumar’s poem ‘Three Friends’ on Friendship Day

Friendship Day 2022 Hindi Poem: Life without friendship is colorless and incomplete. Everyone needs such a person, from whom he can say everything that can neither be done by family nor people are able to do with life partner. In such a situation, there are only friends who play together and understand without judging. In literature, many works have been composed on friends and friendship. Today we will read the poem of famous writer and poet Dushyant Kumar – three friends

This poem is included in Dushyant Kumar’s collection of poems ‘Welcome to the Sun’. Today is Friendship Day, you can also send this poem to your friends.

three friends

All in the wild, deserted dark roads
ditches in the trenches
In the deserts, in the groans
in the deserted streets
In tired streets, in broken arms
every place to fall
in danger of falling apart
from hard iron
firm and dynamic
we three friends
Waking the light on the dark roads
on the sad moans spreading music
Inspiration-love on those weak broken arms
On all odds to be victorious
building a trail
moving forward
We three friends tie the pace-satwar in the feet
Make the faith of the destination immortal in your eyes.

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we three friends
Three forms like soul,
inseparable – different.
cold, even, or hot sun-
this triad symbol
living standard of living
Precise uniformity.
we bow down
stop but miss
In any case, answer on answer.

We are never afraid of closed locks
never get angry over failures
But those who are in trouble
half way back
We give our youth our arms
we give our breaths and eyes
See – Those who fall in the darkness of Tama
They get first day visions.
See – Whose luck weeps on fate
After all, the destination also belongs to them.

The place where the song does not come by forgetting
Sitting in that place, we all sing
to give support to those who fall
To the wanderers on the deserted path
we explain in our own words
Tells them with vowel signs-
‘If you cry today, you will sing tomorrow
you carry the burden, the storm will lift
Know that the earth turns
See that there is earth under your feet too.’
We three friends are in the protection of this earth
We three friends living in the particle of the soil
present on every path where the steps lead
Tama is running away, the back of the lamp-newly burns
Tears pour only in sympathy
Dreams grow only for countless creations.

Excerpt from Dushyant Kumar’s poem Three Friends

We are everywhere where human cries
atrocities are naked
raise your sleeves and clench your fist
go fearlessly fight die
The cracked breath we sew on
We live life for humanity.

friendship day, dushyant kumar

Excerpt from Dushyant Kumar’s poem Three Friends

The elders gave this garden with tears and labor
protected from frost
Every year someone buys its crops too
No wood, no leaves
How can we bear this
This crop cannot be sold, definitely understand.

We are looking at the gluttonous eyes of birds
Those countless eyes of children turned towards this
Those who haven’t got the juice yet
Whose bus hasn’t run yet
we will never let them down
Whatever used to happen, will never happen now.

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O statues of new consciousness, be patient
the day is not far he will reach that goal
The voice will reverberate from earth to sky
Springs of juice will burst in the dry streets.

We’re melting our red blood and
This redness will gradually increase
Statue of man just made from soot
Will be getting covered in layers of this redness
this silence
will break soon
What boils like boils inside the mind
it will explode
Now after Nishi
morning singer,
cherish all your beautiful feelings
that seed will grow
that deserves to be grown.
we three seeds
Have to grow at every crossroads
Know when it rains, when the sprouts sprout,
We three friends kneel only because
Knowing when this bored suffocation broke the tone. (courtesy of poetry)

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