From butter chicken to laddoos – why these special dishes are not included in the list of UNESCO


Questions are being raised on the inclusion of French cuisine Bougatte in the UNESCO non-descript list.
Why more than one delicious Indian dish is not being included in UNESCO’s prestigious list
What do the famous chefs of India have to say about this, who are telling which Indian dishes are strong?

Recently, UNESCO has included France’s special type of bread baguette in its list, in which things related to indescribable cultural heritage are kept. Some of those things are included in this, which are special. Surprisingly, despite India’s rich food tradition and delicious dishes, no dish of the country has been included in this list till 2022, which is considered a UNESCO special list in the world, in which UNESCO adds some things every year. Is.

French President Macron considers baguette bread as magic and perfection 250 grams. This list is known as the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This includes the pizza loved by Napoleon, the Japanese delicacy kimchi and Arabic coffee. But it is surprising that even after having such a diverse cuisine of India, it could never make it to this list. After all, what do the catering experts of India say about this. Times of India has given the opinion of these experts.

What is included in the UNESCO list this time in catering
By the way, let us tell you that this time i.e. in the year 2022, UNESCO has included in this list of things related to catering, not only baguette, but there are many other things, in which China’s special tradition of growing tea, Al Mansaf, a special Jordanian food festival, honey gathering method in Slovenia, special red che (tea) tradition in Turkey and Azerbaijan, chili paste tradition in Tunisia, handling of Arabica coffee seeds in Saudi Arabia And the specialty of Ukraine is Broachet.

Ukraine’s special dish Brochet has been included in UNESCO’s special indescribable cultural list this year. (UNESCO)

special food tradition in india
If we talk about Indian food and production, then not only it is very old, but there is also a history of production of spices along with special dishes of food here. It is said that India is such a country where a glimpse of a different and special dish can be seen in every 100 kos.

Now we come to what our famous chefs argue about this. What do they think, what is the problem in making our food, cuisine etc. a place in this list and which are the dishes, which are strong, can find a place in it.

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According to Chef Manish Malhotra, button chicken is such a dish invented in India that can find a place in the UNESCO list, but standard method should be adopted to make this or any recipe. (news18)

Butter Chicken, Goshtaba, Moily and Naga Pork Curry
According to Chef Manish Malhotra, India is a country of diversities, so there is not one but many cuisines, which have their own specialties and have been associated with the climate, culture and produce here. According to Manish, Butter Chicken, Kashmiri Goshtaba, Kerala’s Moily Dish, Bengal’s Chingri Malaikari and Naga Pork Curry dish can find a place in the UNESCO list.

Not having a standard recipe is a big problem
According to him, the biggest problem with Indian cuisine is that there is no standardized recipe, everyone makes it in their own way, and in such a situation it becomes difficult to explain what is the basic form of the dish and how exactly to prepare it. Should be made They say that this is the standard recipe for making French baguette bread, that any chef can make it in any quantity, but he has to put flour in it, he cannot mix millet flour or any other thing in it, which is not suitable for its recipe. Not associated with.

Butter chicken is made in many ways
But if one chef makes its butter chicken using khoya, the other uses cashew paste for it. They say that the recipe of our special dishes should be the same and there should be a standardized panel for this.

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Kadhi Chawal and Paratha are such dishes developed on Indian soil, which are centuries old and are hits till date, their roots tell the diversity and richness of our food. (news18)

What is the special dish of each part
Chef Suvir Saran says that Indian cuisine and its diversity can compete with any part or country in the world. These dishes have their own specialties and Indian food takes us to our roots with a grand glimpse of our culture. He named a special dish from every region of India for UNESCO. which are,

Curried Rice and Parathas from North
Kadhi rice is made from Kadhi gram flour, which is made by mixing curd and spices. Different things are put in the curry in different regions. Somewhere it has dumplings, somewhere it has boondi and somewhere else. Parathas are India’s gift to the world. Do not know in how many ways these are made according to the season. They have been a part of the Indian food tradition for centuries.

machar jhal
Shorshe Diye Machar Jhal is a Bengali style fish curry dish. It is made with different types of fish. Although its most delicious dish is made when it is made from Rohu, Rui or Catla fish. Traditionally mustard is added to its curries, which improves its taste and digestibility. This dish is eaten with rice. Its taste is of a different level.

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Rasam is an ancient and delicious drink of South India, which is given to the guests as an appetizer, it is special because of the smell, taste and digestive properties of its spices. (news18)

Rasam from the South
Whenever you have been to South Indian restaurant, you must have tasted Rasam there. In South India, it is given to welcome guests. It is made like a soup by boiling it in hot water with spices and curry leaves. Strong spices are used in this. It is unique in taste and excellent in digestion, its smell increases your appetite, in a way it is used as an appetizer.

west to puranpoli
This is a popular flatbread in Maharashtra. It is very much liked not only in Maharashtra but also in Andhra Pradesh and many states of the South. Its recipe has been told in Manucharita, which is an encyclopedia written in the 14th century. This dish is prepared in flour dough by keeping sweet stuff inside. You can also call it sweet stuffed paratha. Ghee is also used in this. If you have eaten it once, then surely you will become crazy about it. The content used inside it makes it tasty and special.

Apart from this, Chef Suvir Saran has described Chaat and Biryani as hit and best in Indian cuisine, which can win anyone’s heart with their taste.

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Motichur’s laddu is not only very ancient but looking at its technique, taste and sophistication, it is very dear to the heart. This is a very special dish because of its specialty and method of preparation. (News18)

There is no match for Motichoor Laddus
Another chef Manu Chandra feels that India’s Motichoor Ladoo should definitely be on the UNESCO list. Its taste, texture, technique, flavour, popularity and excellence make it a fine dish. The way it is made, that method is also special, there is a lot of detail in it. Along with this, he also considers Mysore Pak as a contender for the UNESCO list.

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