Gargi Film Review: ‘Gargi’ is the best film of Sai Pallavi’s career, the climax is shocking from within

Sai Pallavi has become a well-known name across India for her exceptional performances in films. The actress impresses people with her unmatched performance in every film. His ‘Virat Parvam’ with Rana Daggubati was also well-liked and today (July 15) his ‘Gargi’ has been released in theaters. In the film, she plays the role of a doting daughter Gargi who works hard to save her father Brammanandam (RS Shivaji), who became the fifth accused in a rape case.

Big tension of ‘Gargi’ being the arrest of father

The film begins with a casual introduction to Gargi’s school, where she is conducting the exam. She has a worldly life, her father is a security guard in an apartment while mother is a housewife with a small business. This is a lower middle-class family family in which people are satisfied by earning as much as they earn. The life of this family becomes troubled when the police arrest Gargi’s father along with 4 other accused in the rape case of a 9-year-old girl. This incident would have completely shook Gargi but she does not give up. She takes the help of lawyer Indrans Kaliyaperumal (Kaali Venkat) to fight the case and she has a stammer problem.

‘Gargi’ depicts the pain of gang rape victim

If seen, Gargi seems to be an emotional story which is related to a sexual abuse but it is also sympathetic. There are more layers to it that keep the audience hooked. The evidence against Brammanandam (Gargi’s father) is so strong that it is difficult to get him out of jail. At the same time, the police and the public prosecutor are angry with the accused and try their best to put them behind the bars. While showing the gang rape scenes in the film, not much graphic is used nor the face of the child is shown. Gargi feels very bad for what happened to the child, but she does not want to let all this get in the way of her father’s fight at any cost.

The direction of Gautam Ramachandran is commendable

There is a transperson judge who oversees the case. The public prosecutor mocked him and said that if he was a ‘normal person’, the matter would have been closed. The judge said, ‘I know the arrogance of a man and the pain of a woman. I am the best person to handle the case. Director Gautam Ramachandran should be praised for this special scene. Another twist comes when Gargi locks the doors of her house. In such a situation, with his father in jail, all the doors start closing in his own life as well. Gargi’s life is full of irony, which tells that no place is safe for women.

splendid gargi climax

The climax of the film makes Gargi different from other films of this genre. It can either shock you or turn you away. Since the ending scene is disturbing, but it also makes you think about the era we are living in and how vulnerable women are. When Gargi learns the truth, she starts crying, which shakes you from within. Sai Pallavi’s acting is the highlight of the film. Kali Venkat and RS Shivaji have also given a tough competition to the actress with their acting.

‘Gargi’ is also brilliant in music and technology

‘Gargi’ is technically sound too. Govind Vasanta’s music is superb and being on a sensitive issue, it is also full of emotions. When it comes to the subject, Gargi is a must watch film, which is very relevant in today’s time. In this, each character has given his 100 percent, two tell a truth of the society.

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