Golden Memories: Lata Didi’s first kilkari resonated in the house of Indore, know how it is now…

Indore, Today millions of fans spread all over the country and around the world Swara Kokila Lata Mangeshkar Paying humble tributes to lata didi’s 94th birthday today Is. He was born in Indore. All the memories of the voice queen are attached to this city. Now the statue of this great singer Lata Mangeshkar will be installed here.

The 94th birthday of the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, who has been adding new pearls to the treasures of music for more than 9 decades with her melodious voice, will be celebrated without her this time. He was born in Indore, the heart of the country. Here he spent his childhood. Now to make his memories permanent, his statue will be installed in the city. There will also be a Lata adornment ceremony in Indore.

Lata didi was born in this house

Swara Kokila Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, who captivated the world with her melodious voice, was born on 28 September 1929 in Indore to famous musician Dinanath Mangeshkar. He spent his childhood in the Sikh locality here. However, later Lata ji left Indore with family and she went to Maharashtra. His house was bought by a Muslim family. The Muslim family lived here for some time. On the way, he sold it to Balwant Singh. The Singh family also lived here for a long time and later they also handed over this house to the Mehta family.

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Showroom in Lataji’s house

Now the appearance of this house of Lataji has changed. The Mehta family has opened a clothing showroom on the exterior of the house. Nitin Mehta, the owner of the house, tells that he has got Lataji’s mural made in one part of the shop to keep the memory of Lata ji alive. He takes Lataji’s blessings every day with the opening of the shop and only songs sung by him are played in the showroom. Although Lata ji is no longer in this world, but the stories of her simplicity are very famous. Her two braids and white sari were the highlight of her personality. People see her in the form of Saraswati, she really had the same brightness in her thoughts like her clothes.

The first cry was heard in this house

Lataji’s first kilkari was echoed in Indore and she had also learned the style of singing from Indore itself. That is why the people of the city want a Sangeet Academy or a museum dedicated to Lata ji in the form of a grand memorial at her birthplace.

Such was Lataji’s childhood

Local people tell that Lataji used to live with her father Dinanath Mangeshkar in Indore. Father was a theater artist and singer. Because of this, there was a musical atmosphere in the family from the very beginning. This was the reason that Lata started acting as a theater artist with her father from the age of five. He had mastered singing at a very young age with his voice and his melody. Later he sang songs in more than 30 languages.

Lataji’s Dear Sindh Bakery

Lata also has a special relationship with Indore’s Sindh Bakery. His father Dinanath Mangeshkar used to frequent this bakery. Bakery owner Harish Lakhwani says that Lata’s father used to wear kurta pajama and lived in a very simple style. He loved the taste of bakery. Lata ji also sometimes used to come with him to the bakery. This is the reason that even today we worship her like a goddess. After waking up in the morning, put incense sticks on his photo. We are celebrating Lata ji’s birthday for almost 40 years.

Statue of the Queen Empress and Ceremony

The Municipal Corporation is getting Lata Mangeshkar’s statue installed in the Gandhi Hall premises in order to make the memories of the vocal material that has been the pride of Indore everlasting. On September 28, his birthday, the Culture Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh is also organizing the National Lata Alankaran Ceremony and Sangeet Sandhya. In this, apart from playback singer Kumar Sanu, Shailendra Singh, music director Anand-Milind will be honored with the National Lata Alankaran Award. Well-known singer Alka Yagnik will perform in this program.

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