Grounding Technique: What is grounding technique, it is also very useful in reducing anxiety


By using the grounding technique, one learns to enjoy the present.
The focus of the person increases with the grounding technique.
Anxiety can increase by thinking about the past.

What Is Grounding Technique- Stress and anxiety are words that have become a part of everyone’s life. This is a common problem which can increase many problems. Many people start feeling anxiety over small things, due to which their personal and professional life starts getting affected. Anxiety is a condition that can be easily overcome. These days grounding technique is being used to reduce the problem of anxiety.

Through this technique, not only helps in reducing anxiety, but also the focus of the person can be increased. The grounding technique is a self-medicated technique that can be done without any help. With this one can be taught to live in the present. Let’s know about the grounding technique.

what is grounding technique
Anxiety occurs when our mind thinks about the old things rather than in the present. according to health shots Sometimes the mind gets stuck in worry, thinking, patterns and fear which is called anxiety. Grounding techniques can be used to remove anxiety. Grounding technique is the technique of bringing ideas from past to present. Grounding techniques can help to overcome nostalgia, flashbacks and negative feelings. Although there are more than 12 grounding techniques, but most of the two techniques are used more in removing anxiety.

Activate the five sense organs (the first technique)
In this technique, a person has to use different methods to activate his own five sense organs.

Vision- To do this technique, first of all the person has to play favorite video like related to some place or nature. Watch the video carefully for 5 minutes. Maybe the video makes you think about the past. In such a situation, it is necessary to focus the mind only on the video. Doing this will help in reducing anxiety.

sound To do this, play any song of your choice and hum the song while dancing on the music. Sound can be very beneficial for mental health.

smell- The favorite smell can be enjoyed in this activity. For this, you can choose any concentrated candle, perfume and flower. This will help in focusing the attention.

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Taste- To activate the test buds, you can eat anything of your choice. Like chocolate, tea or drink. This will reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Touch- For this, you can choose any favorite thing that you get satisfaction from touching, such as soft toys, pet or caress the child. By activating these five senses, you will feel a drop in the anxiety level immediately.

5-4-3-2-1 Technique (Second Technique)
This technique is very unique, it can help in reducing everyday problems. In this, the person has to see and feel the things that are around him. like-
Identify the five things that are visible around you.
Identify and name four things that you can touch.

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Identify and name three things you can hear.
Identify and name two things that you can smell.
Identify and name one thing that you can taste.
By doing this, the person will be able to focus on all those things which due to anxiety do not go unnoticed. With its regular practice, anxiety can be converted into happiness.

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