Guava is a super fruit, its leaves are also beneficial, know the medicinal properties of this ‘exotic fruit’

Guava Fun Facts: Guava was once considered the fruit of the poor. But now the whole world accepts the iron of its qualities. It is a nutritious fruit, which is easily available. Its specialty is that it maintains health. India has shown a lot of affinity with this exotic fruit. Now it seems like it is the fruit of India itself. India’s name is one of the highest yielding countries of guava in the whole world. The special thing is that India also exports guava to the countries where it originated.

The special reason why guava is called a super fruit is that it contains four times more vitamin C and three times more protein than orange. Apart from this, there is four times more fiber than pineapple, two times more lycopene than tomato and slightly more potassium than banana. Apart from this, it also has many medicinal properties. Guava leaves are also beneficial. If there is a worm in the teeth or there is any disease or pain in the teeth or gums, then chewing its leaves provides relief.

Guava was brought to India by Portuguese merchants.

Sushma Naithani, a botanist from a university in America, has given information about the origin (terrain) of guava. He says that Mexico and Mizo American centers such as southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica are the origin sites of guava. He also says that Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia of South America are its epicenters. If we talk about its period, it is said that around 1520 Europeans discovered guava crops in the Caribbean. After a few years it came to the West Indies, Bahamas, Bermuda and South Florida. It has also been said that guava started appearing in the Caribbean region in 2500 BC, but there is no evidence of this. Guava was brought to India by Portuguese merchants in the 17th century. He also spread guava to East Asia. Guava liked the climate and soil of India, since then it is being cultivated successfully till date. By the way, one side also says that guava was first grown in India in the 11th century.

Guava is cultivated in India

Guava is no longer the fruit of the poor. Now it is found all over India. Earlier, there used to be normal guava, now apart from the huge guava, red and pink guava are also available from inside. It is an exotic fruit, but in the soil of India, it is built in such a way that today the largest cultivation of guava in the world is done in India. After this it is grown in countries like China, Thailand, Pakistan etc. In India, it is cultivated the most in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Prayagraj’s guava is famous all over the world.

By the way, these numbers keep changing every two-four years. Guava of Prayagraj is famous all over the world. India has improved the quality of guava so much that it is now exported to many countries including America, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands.

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Guava is a treasure of qualities

It is confirmed that guava is not a fruit of India, because there is no description of it in any ancient religious texts or old Ayurveda books of the country. Despite this, it is difficult to believe that this is not an Indian fruit. Well-known Ayurvedacharya and yoga guru Acharya Balkrishna claims that the guava tree grows in the forests at many places in India. But the truth is that like wild mango, banana etc., it has been produced here since ancient times. He claims that guava is the original fruit here. They also say that this fruit has a wealth of properties and it prevents headache, cough-cold, toothache, mouth diseases besides prevents heart diseases. It removes the deficiency of hemoglobin and also relieves from constipation.

Maintains heart health

Dieticians say that guava is also called a super fruit because in addition to vitamins A and B, iron, lime and phosphorus are also found in it. That is why it also nourishes the bones of the body. It lowers the amount of sugar in the blood. The lycopene element found in it brings glow to the skin. Due to Vitamin A, it is beneficial for the eyes. Its regular and balanced intake reduces body weight as well as reduces extra body fat. It lowers cholesterol, which keeps heart diseases away.


Guava keeps heart related diseases away.

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Raw guava is also beneficial

Eating guava does not make you feel hungry for a long time. The stomach feels full. If cough is to be removed, then raw guava is beneficial. One of the benefits of its leaves is that chewing them reduces the intoxication of cannabis. Excessive consumption of guava should be avoided. Eating at night can lead to a cough. If you drink water after eating it, then there can be a sore throat. Those who have kidney problems should not eat guava because the potassium found in it can increase the problem. Consuming too much of it can cause constipation.

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