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If you ask someone’s address, then you will tell it like this, such a house, such a mohalla, such a city….. what else will it say? If we ask about an artist, then the answer will be that if he is a good actor or a good painter or a good singer, if the answer is done in a literary test, then he will add one or more adjectives. Some ego like this should ask you why do you burn bidis? In response, you will whisper – ‘Hey with matches, and with what?

But if you ask the same question to the poet Gulzar, then the answer will be different and unique. Everyone knows the answer to the question of ‘beedi’ – ‘Lake beedi… drank with liver, there is a big fire in the liver, there is fire! There is fire…!’ In the same way, someone misbehaved with Gulzar and asked Ghalib’s address. started saying…

The streets of Bally-Maran’s locality are like complicated arguments

Quail’s ballads on the front door

That ringworm in the peaks of gurgling betel, that wow wa

Some sackcloth curtains from the bosida hanging on some doors

the purring of a goat

And the faint shadows of the dim evening

Let’s go here because of joining such walls


groping the doors with your twinkling eyes

From this Be-Noor Andheri Gali-Qasim

A kiln of the pastures begins

A Qur’an-e-Sukhan opens the door

The address of Asadullah Khan ‘Ghalib’ is found.

Gulzar is not just a film director, writer, story writer, poet and poet, he is also a very good orator. When his heavy, crackling voice reverberates in the atmosphere, the listener forgets everything and gets engrossed in his words. Especially when he tells about someone, then his heart becomes garden-garden. While staying in the listener’s focus, Gulzar gets more towards the rhetoric and the magic of his voice.

Gulzar is saying in the celebration of Jagjit Singh being seventy years old.. ‘It is a very difficult task to make a note after Jagjit. There is no one like this Mehboob, whenever he wants to laugh, whenever he wants, he makes me cry. Happy luck to all of you, that you have got such a love. and seventy years old. Tell me that Mehboob is seventy years old and wants to be like this… hum in this way and put forward the idea as if he is seventeen years old. Sometime we too will reach seventy, our hair will also turn black.

When he tells about Jagjit’s singing, he takes him to a different world. Can’t believe someone’s singing can be defined like this? They say – ‘In this city, in so many rhythms, so many beautiful flyovers fly, just as they rise from the road, as if they take a lap or take a mile and go out to some side. I will bring you to the ground level through these flyovers, I am sorry… Somewhere I have to come to the side of the road, I will try not to leave their arms… Because they will come again, then will take you to the flyovers, will fly They will give flight, I cannot touch their prayers.’ Now in such a situation, Jagjit’s fans will fall in love with him and will become more and more fond of ‘Orator’.

“Huh…a… even a man of such age has a lover! Haseen Bala says to her boyfriend with a mouth. In response, after watching and listening to the video praising Jagjit, Gulzar’s refreshed lover, the twenty-four year old young man quipped, ‘Look only for fifteen minutes of this 45-minute album, listen. If you don’t become a fan of Gulzar, then change my name.

People are lovers of Gulzar, so Gulzar himself is deeply immersed in the love of Urdu. They say – ‘I love this language, I believe it.’ sing like this-

‘Yeh kasa ishq hai Urdu language ka,

The fun mixes on the tongue of words,

Just like in the paan, expensive kimmam dissolves.

‘Intoxication comes in speaking Urdu;

Light touches Urdu so lightly

As the sip of Maya descends.

‘There is great aristocracy in the tongue,

Urdu gives fun of Nawabi in Fakiri.

His nazm, written by keeping the hunter out on the hunt of deer in the center, gropes deeply the sensitive poet inside him.

‘It was morning to evening and the deer would trick me

The whole forest is roaming around till now.

Many arrows have passed through his neck.

She’s as smart now as I am

What is lost by giving a glimpse is lost in the trees

When I reach there, on the mound,

Sometimes looks through the glasses

he stares at me

I won’t let her out of sight

who is running whom

Who is now whose hunter,

don’t know

I had landed in the forest in the morning

So it was thought that that scurrying deer

at the tip of the nezhe,

stretch like a flag

i will enter the city

the day is turning

There’s a fear in my heart

That bill – after all it is the deer

Carrying me on my horns will enter a ditch.

While writing, I was thinking that by writing some lines of this nazm, we will talk further. But it is not possible to edit a nazm like this and then who will edit Gulzar’s writing? Yes.

Going away from shero-shayari, let’s look into Gulzar’s life. Gulzar’s sentiments have deeply connected him with the handicapped children of Bhopal. He has a deep attachment to ‘Aarushi’, an organization working for disabled children in Bhopal. He is not only in constant touch with ‘Aarushi’, but he also keeps on visiting here. The name ‘Aarushi’ has been given to him. How did Gulzar get involved with ‘Aarushi’? Anil Mudgal, the volunteer of the organization, says that Gulzar came to Bhopal around 1989. Then we met him and told him about the institution and also invited him to come to the institution. During that time ‘Aarushi’ had not taken the form of an institution, a group of some people was running it. At that time his schedule was very tight. So he said that he is coming to Bhopal again soon, then he will visit. Later his call came and he told the date of arrival and said that he is also bringing some audio cassettes for the children etc. They brought 300-400 cassettes and books.

He had kept a box for the cassettes of ‘Aarushi’ in his home in Mumbai. People coming to his house used to bring cassettes and put them in that box. Gulzar used to make people aware and encouraged to do so. In those days, the volunteers of ‘Aarushi’ used to record books for children Nabina in their voice in cassettes. Nabina’s children used to do their studies after listening to them. Now that the era of cassettes is not there so the box has also been removed.

Anil explains, ‘Gulzar definitely mentions his association with ‘Aarushi’ and working for the children when necessary on the appropriate platform. Otherwise they don’t promote it.’ He believes that ‘these things are not for singing.’

Gulzar was telling in an interview on TV. After partition, he reached Mumbai to live with his brother. There he got a job in a motor garage. There, his job was to undo the accidental cars and four wheelers by coloring, mixing and mixing the discolored colors of different parts. There he used to get a lot of time. So in his spare time, he used to do writing and reading work. He used to read books on rent from a bookstore at the rate of four annas a week. During that time he read a lot of thriller and detective novels. Vinod-Hamid Wali Ibn Safi B.A. He liked the detective novels very much. Read one novel a day. The next day he would reach again to get a new book. Due to this act, the bookkeeper got upset because giving so many books in four coming weeks was a loss deal for him. Others could read only one book a week. Gulzar used to reach for a book every day.

Tired, he said, ‘How many books will I give you in four coming weeks?’ He took out a book from the top shelf and said, ‘Take this, and the book is not there now’. Gulzar says, ‘That men didn’t know, at that time when he was taking out the book, he was changing the course of my life. That book was ‘Gardner’ by Tagore. It was a translation of Tagore’s (Rabindranath) poems. His cover page is still in my mind. The first song was Mali. I just got that book. that change the total pattern of my reading and picking of books. Tagore even today I admire in the same way. From that day only my total test of reading changed. Read Tagore, Stories, Novel. Then read Sarat Chandra and this process went on.

His entry in films was due to lyricist Shailendra. Shailendra explained, ‘Who are any illiterate people sitting in the films.’ This was the period when literature used to be a part of the film. In those days, he was associated with PWA (Progressive Writers Association) in Mumbai and used to go to meetings on Sundays. At the same time, Shailendra, Krishna Chander, Bedi, Sardar Jafri used to be in love.

He wrote the first song for Bimal Rai’s film ‘Bandini’. It was a colloquial translation of a Vaishnava poem, a difficult task. Gulzar not only executed it with ease but also did wonders in the first song itself.

Mora gora ang lai le, mohe sham rang di de,

I will hide in the night only, I will be with Mohe Pi.’

Later he became his assistant director only at the behest of Bimal Rai. From here his film journey started. He also worked with Hrishikesh Mukherjee. He wrote dialogues and screenplays for films like ‘Aashirvaad’, ‘Anand’ and ‘Khamoshi’.

The 1971 film ‘Mere Apne’ was his directorial debut, in which his poet friend Meena Kumari played the role of grandmother. Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha acted in this film centered on college life.

In the initial days, he spent film days in the company of Ritwik Da apart from Bimal Da, Basu Bhattacharya, Debu Sen, Raghunath Jhalani, Salil Chaudhary. He had a special attachment to Bengalis. He had learned Bengali to read Tagore’s original. Perhaps due to this Bengali love, he also married Bengali Bala Rakhi.

Just as there is magic in Gulzar’s pen, he also has a fine grip on direction. His direction is like a stone. If you touch iron, it becomes gold. Look at Jitendra. You have to watch Gulzar’s ‘Parichay’, ‘Khusboo’ and ‘Kinara’ to know how an actor who plays casual roles in films like ‘Farz’, transcends into a sensitive actor. Watch ‘Angoor’ to understand the directorial diversity of Dhir Gambhir Gulzar and relish the punch of comedy. It was a film adaptation of the famous playwright William Shakespeare’s play ‘Comedy of Errors’. It was a difficult conversion.

Gulzar is one of the rarest writer-director of Bollywood who has been awarded the biggest and most prestigious ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’ in literature. Probably apart from him, only Javed Akhtar has got this award from the film world.

He gave many memorable films, gave stories, gave songs. In the field of literature, he gave poems, gave songs, gave ghazals, gave shers. It is very difficult to sum up his work in a few words. His garden, his gardening is very rich and many buds are decorated in it. Raise your hand and choose any bud from anywhere, your life will be filled with fragrance.

‘It was comforting to see the mirror,

Somebody knows us in this house’

Gulzar ji, we are definitely convinced of this lion of yours, we also like it very much, but we do not agree with you at all for ‘humko is known in this house’. You don’t need to be a favor to any ‘mirror’. Everyone knows you in this ‘house’, everybody knows. This country, this world, this world, the sweet fragrance of your pen is spread everywhere and this fragrance is going to remain like this for years and years. Happy Birthday.

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