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news18 hindi special podcast in i Pooja Prasad I welcome you accept my greetings. In today’s podcast, I am going to introduce you to such a lyricist and ghazalgoer whose writings keep us buzzing day and night. He wrote memorable songs for many films, also made unforgettable films. The name of this creator is Sampooran Singh Kalra.

What happened? Aren’t you surprised? You may have thought that I have brought Gulzar’s poems and ghazals and I am going to introduce you to Gulzar’s creation. So let me tell you that your guess was absolutely correct, my style of speaking was a bit misleading. Yes friends, Sampooran Singh Kalra is the Gulzar of today. By the way, one truth is that most of us used to consider Gulzar only as a film lyricist. Yes, it is definitely true that we have been a fan of his range even in these film songs. Be it a song like Jai Ho or Beedi Jalile Piya… only Gulzar can have such a range. But apart from film songs, Gulzar is a very sensitive composer. Many compilations are to his name. His works have been translated in different languages.

About 27 years ago a collection of his ‘Chand Pukhraj Ka’ came out. I am reciting a ghazal from this collection. will pay attention

one spends the day like this
as someone does a favor

I handle sorrow in my heart like this
like someone handling jewelry

satisfied looking in the mirror
does anyone know us in this house

the fruit has ripened on the tree
someone throws stones again

silence echoes late
as someone calls us

In these five shers of Gulzar, the silence within a man speaks, his loneliness speaks. Obviously, readers or listeners keep drowning in this loneliness. Here is another creation of his from the collection ‘Chand Pukhraj Ka’.

Life became lonely like this
the convoy together and the journey alone

startled by your shadow
Age has passed so lonely

the stars talk all night
Where did someone spend the night alone

the drowning crossed
Naqsh-e-pa lonely leaving you

the day does not pass in people
there is no night alone

we even saw the door
Don’t know where lonely again

Sometimes even loneliness fills you with romance. And when this loneliness comes out from the pen of Gulzar, it comes out like a sigh. By the way, there is also a truth that Gulzar’s creation really creates history. You will notice that like Ghazal, Nazm and Poetry, ‘Triveni’ has been established as a new genre in recent years. The specialty of Triveni is that there are only three lines in it. The special thing is that the credit for the introduction of Triveni genre is given to Gulzar only. So it would be better to recite Gulzar’s Trivenis as well. So listen to some Trivenis of Gulzar now

The moon bride whom mother had blessed me with
I saw it from the sidewalk tonight

I have seen bread all night

I sat all day with an empty beggar in my hand
The night that passed, the moon’s penny was put in it

The usurer Suraj will take this too from me tomorrow.

came in front of me, saw me, also talked
Smile too, for the sake of some old identity

It was yesterday’s newspaper, just saw it, also kept it.

like fire passes through my body
From which flame has God brought you down

My house is made of straws, what if you come sometime?

The land is also his, the blessings of the land are his
All this belongs to him, the house too, the people of the house too.

Tell God, may he also come to his home someday!

People have met Barha even after getting lost in fairs.
In an interesting twist of tales

Why does someone get separated even forever?

Even if we rob the sky for your sake
What will you get by breaking a few shiny glasses!

If the moon pricks the finger, blood will come

The dawn has broken and the rays of the glass are o’clock
it’s time to go home it’s five o’clock

All night the crocodile has been on guard!

Some desires fly without control in such a heart
Like some running horses in the ‘Mexican’ movies.

All wishes are not tied to me at the station.

All the pages of books started fluttering
The wind pushed the door into the house!

Sometimes you also come and go like the wind!!

sometimes it happens in the market
The price was fine, I did not have that much money in my pocket.

Just like that, I had come to defeat you once.

He was with me till far but one day
When I turned around, that friend was not with me

If the pocket gets torn, then some coins are also lost.

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After listening to many small Trivenis of Gulzar, a voice like ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ starts rising from inside. No matter how many times Gulzar is read, or no matter how many times his songs are heard, some new meaning opens up every time. These meanings sometimes make you sad, sometimes make you happy and sometimes surprise you. So today amidst sadness, happiness and amazement, I want to leave you friends. Will meet again next time with another creator. Till then bid farewell to Pooja. Hello

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