Hair has become dry and lifeless, is there a lack of these vitamins? Recognize from these 5 signs


Vitamins are essential for maintaining healthy hair.
Vitamin B3, B7, Vitamin C deficiency also causes hair fall more.

Vitamin Deficiency Signs in Hair: Eating not only keeps all the parts of your body healthy, but it is also necessary to keep healthy from skin to hair. If we talk about hair, it is not enough to apply good hair products, but it is also important to take a healthy diet to keep the hair black, thick and strong from the roots for a long life. Whatever you eat and drink also affects your hair. Hair growth occurs properly when important vitamins are included in the diet. Nowadays people’s hair breaks a lot. There can be many reasons for this, such as poor health of the stomach, intestines, stress, weak metabolism etc.

Sometimes the hair becomes two-faced, dry, lifeless, hard. Shine is not visible in them, hair starts turning white prematurely, more fall starts. This can also happen due to the lack of certain vitamins in the body. Many vitamins are necessary to keep the hair healthy and when they are lacking, the hair becomes dull, lifeless, dry, split ends etc. Learn about the signs visible in the hair, which show that your body has a deficiency of certain types of vitamins.

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Dull, dry and lifeless hair According to a news published in, the weather or hair products are not always responsible for dull, dry hair, for this there may also be a lack of biotin in the body. Biotin is a B vitamin, which helps in the production of keratin. Keratin is an essential element that makes hair strands. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin B in the body, then your hair and skin can become dry.

breakage or brittle hair
All hair types lack some amount of moisture. Along with this, most people are also troubled by breakage, damage and brittle hair. Do you know that deficiency of zinc, iron, vitamin B7 in the body can also cause these problems in hair? It is better to include foods rich in zinc, iron and vitamins B, B7 in the diet to fulfill them. All these essential nutrients are necessary to keep the hair healthy.

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Dandruff and dry scalp problem
Do you have a build-up of dandruff on your scalp and are constantly itchy? Itchy scalp, flakes indicate that your body lacks omega fatty acids. This nutrient is very important for maintaining moisture in the scalp and hair. Also, vitamins B6 and B12 can also be the cause of these problems related to hair and scalp.

premature graying of hair
Graying of hair at an early age is a sign that there is a deficiency of Vitamin B12 in your body. Due to the loss of pigment in the hair, it starts turning white. This happens due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12. However, in some people, the hair becomes white due to increasing age, genetics reasons. Hair graying can be prevented through foods and supplements rich in vitamin B12.

thinning of hair
Nowadays people are most worried about hair breakage and thinning. Some people’s hair falls so much that they start looking bald at an early age. This includes men as well as women. Although experts say that 100 hair breakage is normal in a day, but if more hair is breaking every day, then you need to give extra care to your hair. Many times, due to lack of vitamin B3, B7, vitamin C in the diet, hair falls more. All these help in the formation of collagen. Although. To keep your hair healthy, eat foods and supplements rich in these vitamins in the fort diet. Also apply oil in the hair.

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