Hair is not getting long then try these 3 home remedies for a few months, hair will be strong from root


Regularly apply aloe vera gel and honey for long hair.
Potato juice is effective in increasing hair growth naturally.

Home Remedies For Long Hair: Many girls wish to have long hair, but due to some reasons some hair does not grow quickly. Many times, seeing the long, black and thick hair of my friends, I also think that I wish I too had such beautiful long hair. To make hair long, girls try many ways, apply oil, but there is no benefit. In such a situation, it is important to know its reasons that after all the hair is not growing long due to some problem. Let’s know the reason for not growing hair and some home remedies, so that hair growth can be increased.

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Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Hair growth is sometimes affected by your age, stress, genetics, excessive use of chemicals and heat, alopecia etc. Hair growth stops due to excessive use of heat styling, chemicals, hair colors etc. to make the hair beautiful. If there is a problem of hair growth in parents, then to a large extent this problem can also be seen in children. Genes play a major role in determining the length and volume of your hair. Hair growth can also stop due to excessive stress.

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apply egg yolk to hair
You can use eggs to make hair long. Eggs have the highest protein, which is essential in the form of nutrition for hair care. It also contains nutrients such as biotin, lecithin and folate, as well as other vitamins such as E, K and D. The amino acids present in it promote hair growth as well as nourish the hair.
Method of use- Put the yolk of 2 eggs in a bowl. Put one tablespoon of olive oil in it. You apply it well in the hair and roots. Leave it for half an hour and wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Try this home remedy regularly, along with hair becoming healthy, shiny, strong, hair growth will also increase.

apply aloe vera for long hair
Aloe vera gel is very beneficial for skin as well as hair. It also stimulates dormant hair follicles or follicles, resulting in faster hair growth. It contains many types of enzymes, which repair the cells of the scalp. Avoid getting damaged. It also protects the hair from the damage caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun.
Method of use- Take a cup of aloe vera gel. Add two tablespoons of pure honey to it and mix it well. Apply this paste thoroughly on the hair and scalp. Now leave it like this for 20-30 minutes. Clean the hair thoroughly with water. You apply it once to twice a week.

Potato juice will make hair long
Potato is found in every house. You can use it to make vegetables as well as to increase the growth of your hair. Many types of nutrients are present in potato juice, such as zinc, niacin, vitamin B, which are effective in increasing hair growth naturally. It cleans the dirt from the scalp. The problem of dandruff also goes away.
Method of use- Peel and cut 1 to 2 potatoes. Blend it in a mixie and put it in a cup in a strainer and filter it well. At least 1 cup of potato juice should come out. Now apply it on hair and scalp with the help of cotton ball. Massage for 5 minutes and leave for half an hour. Now wash the hair thoroughly with any herbal or mild shampoo. You must try this home remedy twice a week.

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