Happy Birthday Kim Namjoon: Fans celebrated BTS’s RM birthday, live event organized for their favorite star

India In this, no one is unaware of how much the Korean band ‘BTS’ dominates the fans. On Monday 12 September, BTS leader Kim Namjoon celebrated her 28th birthday. Kim is also popular all over the world by the name of RM. Fans like to call him RM. His fans have wished him a happy birthday on social media. On this special occasion of their favorite singer, BTS Army members and their fans have created a very special online event on social media.


Kim Namjoon often maintains positivity among her fans by sharing motivational quotes of her favorite books on social media. So today on the occasion of his birthday one of his fans is hosting ‘Book R Live Session’. This fan informed about this event by writing a post on his Twitter handle. A Twitter user wrote, “Hello lovely readers, we have launched a new #BOOKRLIVE event on the occasion of Kim Namjoon’s birthday. Kim often shares quotes from her favorite books that make her think, on her birthday today, we will do the same for her.”

Apart from this, BTS Army has made a video in collaboration with Shin Yongsan. The 15-second video dedicated to the rap legend will be available on the net till September 14.

While some fans are wishing their favorite rapper a happy birthday by hosting videos and online events, there are other fans who have changed the layout of their Twitter.

An event of BTS Army called Octave has received a lot of love. In this event, BTS Army has to write a post about their favorite rapper.

Responding to Octave, a member of the Kim Namjoon fandom explained how Kim’s album ‘Mono’ gave her courage through the most difficult times of her life.

Many such fans shared posts about their favorite rapper.

New album released last week

Let us tell you that last week Kim Namjoon released her new single ‘Sexy Newkim’. For this, he collaborated with South Korean famous rapper Omega Sapien, producer-rapper BJ WNJN, and songwriter Mud the Student.

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