Have you seen the trailer of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’? Know the history and the controversy related to it

Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar has said in his composition ‘Hunkar’ – ‘Listen, do I roar yours in Sindhu, I am the hum of the age-religion myself…’. It seems that Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who made ‘Chanakya’ and added the links of cultural history of India, has heard the roar of Sindhu i.e. sea. He has again brought this ‘Dharma of the Age’ to the silver screen. for the audience ‘Ram Setu’ are bringing. Prabhash’s film related to Ram and Ramayana ‘Lone man’ The teaser of the film has faced a lot of criticism due to its ‘flaws’. Ram Setu is also a theme derived from Ramayana. People are waiting for this film.

Lead Actor of ‘Ram Setu’ Akshay Kumar Who was also in ‘Prithviraj’ with Dwivedi. The pair’s previous film had to face a strong ‘class’ of critics. There was disappointment from the audience too. Obviously, the expectations from ‘Ram Setu’ are not only for this pair, but also for the audience. For the last two decades, this issue has been discussed from Parliament to the road. There are different views on Ram Setu, which the court is also considering. After the trailer of this movie History of Ram Setu And the discussions on the controversy have started.

History: Ram Setu for Hindus, Adams Bridge for Muslims
Sri Lanka, adjacent to the southern end on the map of India, has been a part of this Jambudweep. In the story of Ramayana, there is a mention of Ravana’s Lanka surrounded by sea, to reach where it was necessary to build a bridge. After Sita-haran, when Rama climbed on Lanka, to reach there, with the help of Nal-Nil, built a bridge over the sea, which was called Ram Setu. Hindu religious beliefs connect Ram Setu with faith. At the same time, modern-day scientists see it as a natural aquatic structure. Scientists descended into the ocean to investigate the religious facts related to it.

Experts of oceanography have described this structure as a shape born of geographical events on the basis of research so far. According to scientists, about 48 km long bridge-like structure has been formed due to the freezing of sea sand on the coral reefs. It connects the island of Mannar on the north-west coast of Sri Lanka with Rameswaram on the south-eastern tip of India. There is also a Muslim concept associated with Ram Setu, which calls it Adam’s Bridge. Islamic belief is that Adam reached the top of a mountain located in Sri Lanka through this bridge and repented by standing there on one leg for 1000 years.

Present: Ram Sethu and Sethusamudram Scheme
There is only one way to reach the Bay of Bengal from the Arabian Sea. Crossing the southern maritime boundary of India and Sri Lanka. This international waterway passes through the Indian Ocean. Whether heavy cargo ships or aircraft carriers coming from Europe or America, they have to circumnavigate the Indian Ocean to reach Indian ports like Chennai or Vizag. One has to cross the border of India and Sri Lanka to reach the Bay of Bengal. In the year 2003, the NDA government at the Center thought that why not make a way to take these ships directly to ports like Chennai, Vizag by sea, located between India and Sri Lanka. Experts named this scheme Sethusamudram.

Under this plan, an 83 km long deep-water channel is to be built between the coast of Sri Lanka from India. This will develop a new route for ships coming from abroad, but in a short time these ships will be able to reach Indian ports located in the Bay of Bengal. At present, ships coming from western countries are able to reach the eastern coastal areas of India by making a full round of Sri Lanka. After the completion of the Sethusamudram scheme, they will not have to cover this extra distance. This will save time from 10 to 30 hours.

Controversy: How Ram Setu came into existence, will be researched
Before the work on the plan could start, the government changed. In 2005, when the UPA government started working on it again, the opposition filed a case in the court, calling this plan an attack on Hindu faith. When the dispute escalated, the government slowed down, but the matter continued in the court. When the discussion on this started in the court once again last year, the government approved to conduct research on Ram Setu. Under this, scientists will go inside the sea and research the existence of this oceanic structure.

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