Headache Red Alert: Headache throughout the day is not a symptom of tumor? Learn how to identify from a doctor


If the eyes are turning red due to headache, then one should immediately consult a doctor.
The carelessness taken regarding the headache can prove to be fatal at times.

Headache Causes And Prevention: By now you must have seen many people struggling with the problem of headache. Headache is common due to stress and hectic lifestyle, but sometimes it can be a symptom of dangerous diseases like tumor. If you are constantly facing headache from morning till night, then do not take it lightly. Your carelessness can prove fatal. Today, we will know from the experts what are the reasons for the problem of headache and when people need to visit the doctor.

What is headache?
of Gurugram Dr. Praveen Gupta, Director, Department of Neurology, Fortis Hospital According to this, headache is a common disorder, which can be due to hunger, lack of sleep, stress and weather. Apart from this, there can be many reasons for headache, in which there can be many serious diseases including tumors. Headache can never be called normal. Headache is mainly divided into primary and secondary categories. Migraine, cluster headache, and tension headache have been kept in the primary category. In the secondary category, headache due to systemic infection, head injury, vascular disorder, hemorrhage and brain tumor has been kept.

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These reasons can also cause headache
According to the doctor, many times a headache starts due to eye problems. Refractory error, number of glasses and glaucoma cause headache. Apart from this, colds and sinuses are also the cause of headache.

How to identify headache?
According to Dr. Praveen Gupta, if there is pain in the back due to headache and it is reaching the neck, then it can be due to migraine or stress. Arthritis in the spine also causes such pain.
Severe pain in the hairband area or forehead can also be a sign of stress or migraine. If it is a migraine pain then you will have a severe headache with nausea.
The pain caused by sinus occurs behind the eyebrow bone or cheeks. Whereas cluster pain occurs in one eye or one side of the head. If the pain is happening behind the ear and going up to the head, then it could be due to an ear infection or dental problem.
Headaches can also occur due to problems with the muscles of the jaw and face. It is also called temporomandibular disorder (TMD). In elderly people it occurs due to arthritis.
Cluster headache occurs in one side of your head and due to this the eyes become red. Often this happens at midnight and due to this people wake up from sleep. It happens more to men.

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When is it necessary to see a doctor?
If your eyes turn red during a headache, you should consult a doctor immediately. If there is a cough during the headache or there is other problem in the body, then it can also be a red alert. Continuous severe headache for 24 hours or several days can be a sign of some disease, even in such a condition a doctor should be contacted. With headache, problems in eyesight, memory loss, difficulty in moving hands and feet, stiffness of neck, numbness, fever and vomiting, should not be careless at all and consult an expert.

How to prevent headache?
Stay hydrated and manage stress
It is very important to get enough sleep every day
Benefits of exercising daily
– Consume less than 150 mg of caffeine
– Go biking, jogging, swimming and walking
Take a break from mobile, laptop and computer screens
Get regular health checkups

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