Healthy lifestyle can remove board exam fear from students, follow these tips before the exam


To get away from the fear of board exams, students must first have positive thinking.
Along with preparing for exams, it is very important for students to get enough sleep for mental health.
Do not study continuously for many hours, relax the mind by taking breaks in between.

Tips To Beat Board Exam Stress: Board exams are about to start from the new year. For a bright future, the 10th and 12th exams are very important for every student and their future strategy is also decided by these exams. However, even before the commencement of the board exams, many children start getting nervous about it and take the pressure of the exam so much that it starts affecting their lifestyle and studies. This stress also affects their performance. That’s why it is necessary that the fear of examination should be removed from the mind of the children before the examination.

Any student, be it a topper or an average level, everyone has the fear of examination. But many times some students are so scared of the exam that they are not able to concentrate on studies. The Hindu According to the news, before the board exam, it is very important for the student to remain fit both physically and mentally. This is possible when we give a healthy lifestyle to the student. Let us know some special ways of healthy lifestyle….

Prepare your goal card: An effective way to achieve any type of goal is to prepare a goal card of what we want to achieve and prepare accordingly. While preparing the goal card, keep in mind that never set your goal by looking at others. Set your target according to your ability and start preparing accordingly.

Effective Study Plan: A study plan plays a very important role in the preparation of board exams. Never start studying any subject. Rather prepare an effective study plan subject wise and prepare for the subject accordingly. In the study plan, keep in mind that give more time to difficult subjects. Make sure to pay attention to your strength and weekdays in the study plan.

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Make sure to take breaks: Due to the fear of board exam, many students get so nervous that they stop going anywhere before the exam. Not only this, they also stop meeting friends. Locking himself inside the house puts pressure on the mental state of the student. That’s why it is important that along with studies, students give themselves a break and remain stress free from studies for some time. Let your mind relax and detox in free time.

Focus on fitness: Many students make the mistake of studying for long hours, it affects their physical health. Along with studies, it is very important to pay attention to physical and mental health. You can boost your mood by doing exercise or yoga for some time daily in the morning or evening.

Help children to stay away from the stress of board exams, follow these tips

Get enough sleep: In preparation for board exams, many students stay up late at night and then wake up early in the morning as well. It has a bad effect on mental health. Due to lack of sleep, there is laziness throughout the day, due to which studies are also badly affected. That’s why students should get enough sleep at the time of examination or before the examination.

Think Positive: If you are preparing with a positive mindset then definitely the result will be good. But if you prepare with fear, then your preparation will be effective and you will not be able to give your best in the exam, so it is important to always have positive thinking while preparing for the exam.

Revise syllabus and practice paper many times: Revision is an important part of exam preparation. When you go to another subject after finishing one subject, do not leave the first subject completely. Keep revising the first subject.

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